The Puppy In The 'Fuller House' Trailer Is The Real Star Of The New Netflix Show — VIDEO

Because Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving, Thursday saw something pretty amazing happen. The trailer for Fuller House debuted, and it's made me all kinds of excited for the reboot. Netflix is known for giving TV shows a second chance or a makeover, and the Full House sequel, Fuller House (get it?!), is next in line. While the trailer is just a teaser at this point, featuring only the voices of actors and not giving us any previews of what the characters look like now, it's exciting to get a glimpse of the set for Fuller House, and to be introduced to who I know will fast become my new favorite character — the most perfect puppy YOU EVER SAW. Who is the puppy in the Fuller House teaser trailer, and who needs people when dogs this cute exist in the world?

As the trailer is so minimal, it's left me with many questions. What's happened to D.J., Uncle Joey, Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse, and everyone else in the interim? Why have the family not sold the house which would clearly be worth a mint by now? But, most important of all, who is this ANGEL gracing our screens and giving me all the feels? Basically, this puppy deserves its own show as far as I'm concerned. Just check out the acting chops on this pup below.

1. The House Is Empty

Sure, the show might be called Fuller House, but there's no one here yet. Everything's quiet and pristine.

2. But Wait!

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It's a beautiful puppy, home alone, watching the door.

3. The Puppy Approaches The Door

Clearly a dutiful pup, the gorgeous golden retriever runs to the door upon hearing the voices of its owners outside. Surely this puppy isn't Comet, the original Full House pet? Does that make it Comet Jr. then?

4. Listen To That Bark

The puppy barks at the door, hearing D.J. and co. outside getting ready to move in. Probably a bit hungry too, TBH, having been home alone for who knows how long.

5. The Puppy Is Just On Fleek, OK

Scratching at the door, this dog does not quit! The excitement is palpable.

6. We Don't Get A Glimpse Of Everyone Who's Coming In

Just as someone opens the door, the trailer cuts away. Talk about TEASE.


This angel.

Watch the trailer for Fuller House below, and fall in love with this dog as much as I did. Netflix, you slay me.

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Images: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube