Christmas Dishes From Around The World Show That Our Food Is As Varied As Our Celebrations Are — VIDEO

Although how we celebrate Christmas may differ across cultures, there's one staple that can bring us all together in holiday cheer — food! In order to ignite some of this Christmas spirit, the YouTube channel Anglophenia decided to round up Christmas dishes from around the world that show how different traditions can be found from one country to another. Host Kate Arnell begins with a traditional holiday meal in Britain (the channel is called "Anglophenia," after all) — but after walking us through the "roast turkey served with Brussels sprouts, roasted veg, and either boiled, mash, or roasted potatoes," she then takes us on a whirlwind culinary tour around the world. Hungry yet?

The standard British Christmas dinner sounds very much like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu in the United States — but then again, we tend to resurrect things like turkey and cranberry sauce in December, too. Interestingly, though, America seems to be particularly exceptional when it comes to Christmas menu traditions, since what is served is often dependent upon the cultural heritage and religious affiliations of those celebrating. For example, those with ancestors from Western Europe will probably serve a very different Christmas dinner than those with lineage tracing back to Eastern Europe.

Ready to get a taste of Christmas dishes from around the world? Let's take a look at traditions from four cultures around the world here; scroll down to watch the full video for more.

1. Iceland

It's not uncommon for Icelanders to eat a Christmas feast including reindeer. (Sorry, Rudolph.) Many in Iceland also fast in the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, including abstaining from meat. They celebrate the last day of fasting on Dec. 23 by eating boiled potatoes and fermented skate fish. In order to avoid their houses smelling like fish for a week, many choose to eat this meal in a restaurant. Hey, at least they're smart about where they eat!

2. Japan

"In Japan, nothing screams Christmas more than a bucket of KFC!" Arnell says... and it's true. Many people in Japan eat fried chicken from KFC on Christmas thanks to a hugely successful marketing campaign carried out by KFC back in the '70s. Christmas isn't traditionally celebrated in Japan (which makes sense, given that only about two percent of the country identifies as Christian), so KFC decided to convince people to start celebrating the day with fried chicken. Now its not uncommon to see lines going around the block at KFC locations on Christmas.

3. Australia

Since Australia is actually in the middle of summer during Christmas, many choose to have a barbecue to celebrate the holiday. Who wants to go down under this holiday and enjoy some grilling?

4. Argentina

This is another country that's in the heat of the summer in December. Argentines typically eat their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, with most of them feasting on a dish consisting of veal, tuna and mayonnaise sauce, and capers. Not exactly the most appetizing meal to me, but to each their own.

To see the Christmas dishes found in countries like Germany, India, and France, watch the full video below.

Anglophenia on YouTube

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