Is This A Piece From Gigi Hadid's TH Collection?

The news that a certain model would be designing a collection with Tommy Hilfiger has blown up like wild fire, and while we now know when to expect the collection and where to buy it, there's really only one thing that remains unanswered: what will the collaboration look like? Gigi Hadid teased her Tommy Hilfiger collection on social media, and this little glimpse has only made me more excited to see the final result.

Set to include apparel, footwear, accessories, and a fragrance, there's no doubt the model and the American designer will create some amazing pieces together. And while we'll have to wait patiently to see the range, there's bound to be some hints on social media, right? Clues point to classic Americana, perhaps with some feminine yet edgy touches courtesy of Hadid. Once the news broke, Hadid posted a pic teasing the release on her Instagram account, featuring one of the tags, which reads "A Special Collection By Gigi Hadid" in red, white, and blue, hanging off what could be a black bomber jacket. Since the collection will be be dropping in fall 2016, there are bound to be jackets, coats, and sweaters among the line up. While there's no telling for sure, a satin bomber jacket certainly sounds like something Tommy Hilfiger would send down the runway (perhaps on Hadid herself).

The other hint was courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger's Twitter account, where Hilfiger and Hadid posed side by side in a photo announcing the collab. How cute are they?

Hadid wears a red shirt paired with destroyed jeans for a classic all-American ensemble, with a neckerchief for a bit of interest. These might be from Tommy Hilfiger's main line, but if they are at all indicative of what she'll be designing for the label, there's no doubt this collection will be casually cool while remaining true to the label's roots.

Randy Brooke/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although nothing concrete has been revealed, if you're looking to decide which pieces you'd like to invest in a little early, make sure to keep a keen eye on social media!

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