This Tweet Is Everything Good About Mondler IRL

It's only been weeks since Courteney Cox became a single lady again, so I definitely wasn't expecting news like this. But now I'm so excited that I have no idea how I'm even typing right now. In case you haven't heard, word on the street is that Cox and Friends costar Matthew Perry might be dating. How amazing would it be if Mondler was a thing in real life?! And if you're not as pumped about it as I am yet, then don't worry. This tweet about Monica and Chandler is all you need to wish with all your heart that these rumors are true.

Before these rumors even hit the Internet, one Friends fan on Twitter made an important (and adorable) discovery. If you take a recent candid photo of Cox and Perry catching up over a meal and place it side-by-side with a screencap from the show, then it's easy to see old habits die hard. Because the way Perry looks at Cox is exactly how Chandler once looked at Monica — leading us all to believe that THEIR LOVE IS REAL.

I'm freaking out. Are you freaking out?! And you just know that there have to be more moments these two have shared that mirror Monica and Chandler moments from the show. These two are the cutest, and I'm already planning their wedding in my head. Jennifer Aniston will be the maid of honor, while Matt LeBlanc will be the best man, obviously.

Of course, at this point, with no confirmation from either party, there's no guarantee that there's any truth to these rumors. But that doesn't mean I won't be keeping my fingers crossed ... and getting my hopes up in the meantime. After all, stranger things have happened! Friends may never come back for a Netflix revival, but a real-life Monica and Chandler relationship will definitely do.