Demi Lovato's Latest Selfie Is All About Freckles

by Augusta Statz

If there’s one woman who sure knows a lot about being confident, it’d be this one. Demi Lovato posted a makeup-free selfie and wrote about how she was embracing her freckles in the caption. Because she’s not just making music about being confident, she’s choosing to love and accept herself IRL, too. And if you ask me, there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Not only is she choosing to live her life that way, she’s constantly encouraging the rest of us to do the same. In this most recent post, she happens to be makeup-free, bikini-clad and mid-vacation in St. Barts, so no wonder those freckles are out! All that sun will definitely make them pop. Lovato captioned the photo,I’m embracing my beachy bronzed freckles. What feature are you #CONFIDENT about???" It makes me so happy that she’s using her status and the social media platform as a way to encourage women to share what they love about themselves.

The best part about Lovato is that she’s constantly doing this, inspiring women to accept themselves. And it’s a powerful sentiment. Whether she’s posting pictures without makeup or sharing products that make her feel good in her skin, her motive is always to encourage confidence, and it’s so inspiring.

Looking good, beach babe!

1. Glowing

Makeup or no, she's always glowing and inspiring you to glow, too.

2. Silly Side

She's not afraid to show her silly side, and you shouldn't be, either!

3. Fresh Face

She even shares her favorite products to use so that everyone can feel better about their skin.

4. Makeup Promo

There's nothing wrong with a little makeup if it makes you feel good about yourself.


And if you're feeling your outfit, go ahead and post about it. No shame!

6. Sweat It Out

This girl is on a mission. Nothing can stop her from posting a selfie to motivate others, not even a little sweat.

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