6 Things Only True Readers Understand

You could say I was a book nerd and true reader from a young age. I didn't need much incentive to read as a kid. I'd sneak books under my desk during math class, much to my fourth grade teacher's dismay. And much to my family's dismay, I'd spend weekends sequestered away in my room, under the covers with piles of books. I didn't need any prompting to participate in programs like Pizza Hut's Book-It, as I easily read more than the required amount of books to get my personal pan pizza.

Eager to absorb more about the world around me, I learned more from the books I read than anything I sat through in class. I brought home armloads of books with me from the library every week, and trips to Barnes and Noble were better than any trip to the mall. If I haven't bored you entirely by this point, you may just be a true reader too. Books are your life, and you can't quite imagine how you'd get through without them.

There are only certain things true readers will understand, but no matter how quirky or bookish, these are the things that make us who we are.

1. The Library Is The Ultimate Place To Be

While everyone else in high school spent their weekends at the mall or the movie theater, you were searching the shelves for your next big read. Even as the years have passed, the library is still your second home, where you know you can escape from daily stresses and enjoy a book with some peace and quiet.

2. You Don't Have To Just Read The Classics To Be A True Reader

The book nerds in school were defined by how much Shakespeare they read in their free time, but you know the truth. It doesn't really what you read; just the fact that you're spending so much of your time with books, whether it's A Song of Ice and Fire or one of Joan Didion's countless essay collections, is what is most important.

3. Spending A Night In Is Better Than Spending The Night Out

Going out requires getting ready, which means putting on make-up, getting dressed up, and trekking into the city, and while I love my friends, nothing quite beats a night in with a good book. Why spend lots of money on food and drinks, when you can just take a whole bottle of wine for yourself and get cozy in bed with a book? The choice is easy for me.

4. You Will Never Ever Have Enough Books

Sure, your family may roll their eyes at your books-only Christmas list, but you know there's never too much of a good thing. It doesn't matter whether your collection is carefully curated — with only your absolute favorites — or with all the books you can afford to get your hands on, there will always be room for more, because books can double as nice decorations.

5. You Know Where To Get Your Books For Cheap

There's another reason why libraries are the best: the used book sections. You know that with just a few minutes of careful of perusing you can usually find books in near-perfect condition, and if you're really lucky, you'll find recent bestsellers. Someone else's spring cleaning is your treasure trove.

6. There Is Always More To Learn

Reading isn't an activity you'll outgrow any time soon. There's always so much more to read, which means there's so much more to learn about the experiences of others and the world around you. It's like being a student forever, but without all the pesky essays and homework.

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