The '11.22.63.' Trailer Is Revealing

Hulu is taking a big swing with 11.22.63 and, after watching the latest trailer, I am inclined to believe they have a hit on their hands. The eight-part series based on a book by Stephen King appears to be an intense study on history and the dangers of time travel. Starring James Franco, 11.22.63 focuses on a normal, modern day English teacher who is asked to travel back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination, but nothing about his task is simple. Even with the help of modern technology and his knowledge of future events, the poor guy is clearly way out of his element. For one thing, the past may not want to be changed, which creates a whole new, completely frightening dilemma.

The trailer amplifies the mounting pressure Franco's Jake Epping is facing, and then pairs it with the mournful '60s song "Over and Over" to create a hugely effective, goosebumps-inducing narrative. This show is going to be intense, guys, but that was pretty much a given. The 11.22.63 trailer has plenty more to tell you about what to expect from this time-twisting series. From the show's unique take on time travel to a potential budding romance, here are seven things the trailer reveals about 11.23.63 .

1. The Past Hates Trespassers

I get the distinct impression that the past is trying to course-correct by eliminating Epping. He appears to be in danger throughout the trailer, with everything from errant cars to a swarm of cockroaches getting in his way. Is time a character unto itself? It seems entirely possible that it will be.

2. Epping Takes Modern Tech With Him

That is totally a cell phone. Clearly, Epping isn't too worried about The Butterfly Effect. The bigger question is how helpful would a cell phone be in the past? Sure, it can store information, but can it connect Epping back to the present as well?

3. There Might Be A Time-Traveling Romance

OK, that's not Epping the mystery lady is kissing, but she appears to have some sort of relationship with Epping anyway. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a little bit of time traveling/romantic shenanigans.

4. There Is Definitely A Conspiracy Going On

Shadowy bunkers, flickering lights, and a man listening in on headphones — I smell a conspiracy. Since this is a King story, I'm sure the show is going to have Kennedy's assassination involve some dark events that may not be entirely historically accurate. I wouldn't want it any other way though.

5. Epping May Be Able To Be In Multiple Times At Once

Maybe I'm reading too much into the scene where a very modern Epping appears to be experiencing more than one time at once, but it certainly looks like that is what is going on. Even if it's not, then the rules of time travel on this show are still going to be unique.

6. It's Going To Be Super Creepy

So. Many. Cockroaches. This is what nightmares are made of people. I have no idea why this is happening to Epping, but I feel his pain.

7. A Lot Of People Have It Out For Kennedy

The rapid fire chaos at the end of the video is a clear indicator of just how bad history has it out for Kennedy. I hope Epping is ready for a battle because saving the President looks like it is going to be insane.

11.22.63 premieres President's Day 2016 on Hulu.

Images: Hulu; Hulu/YouTube (7)