How To Do The "Jingle Bell Rock" Like The Plastics

by Mary Grace Garis

Everyone knows it's a fact that Mean Girls is the gift that keeps on giving, with a series of reasons that span from total quotability to a perfect cast. But there’s one totally meme-able and oh-so-festive thing that would should be celebrating this time of the year: the Plastics’ dance routine to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Now more than ever, we need to band together and learn that iconic dance in time for your Holiday Talent Pageant. Because it's an instant winner, and a total classic, and those mean girls make it look just so darn fun.

“But how, Mary Grace? I’m so uncoordinated and clumsy, I couldn't handle all of those elegant moves.” I know, my sweet delicate baby foal, it may seem intimidating at first. But I decided to really break down, step by step, every part of the “Jingle Bell Rock” routine. If you pay close attention and practice really hard, there’s no doubt that you’ll win your school’s talent show in no time.

So grab your Santa hat, put on your vinyl skirt, and be prepared to learn the most festive of Christmas dances: the Mean Girls version of "Jingle Bell Rock." And with Janis' original choreography.

1. Get Into Ready Position

You have to pose appropriately, and make sure someone queues up the song (and um, that'll be you if you happen to be the Gretchen of your friends group).

2. Sashay Forward By With A Model Catwalk

Basically, you want to put one leg in front of the other.

3. Tuck One Arm At Your Side And Swing The Other One Over Your Head

Maintain that catwalk, and then shake your hips in time with the arm-swinging.

4. Crouch Low

Again, you kind of want to do this in a swinging motion, which totally shouldn't be... really hard to nail.

5. Sweep Your Arms Over Your Head

And, once they're up, swivel your hips in a circular motion.

6. Keeping One Arm Bent And One Arm Extended, Turn To The Side And Shimmy Downward

Look to a trusted adult to see if you're doing it right.

7. Twirl Around, Arms Extended Over Your Head Again

Don't worry too much if you're doing it ever-so-slightly out of sync. Just watch where you're going, Gretchen.

8. Side-Step, Swinging Your Arms At Your Side Ever So Slightly

At the end of one or two side steps, you want to bring your arms back up and pop your hips to the left and right.

9. Smash Into Your Best Friend And Knock Over The CD Player

Oh my effing God, Gretchen, what did I just tell you?

10. Bend Over Awkwardly In Panic

Hands at your knees.

11. Turn To Your Side And Swing Your Arm Back And Forth

Don't let anyone smell your fear.

12. Position Yourself Behind Your Friends And Pretend You're Riding In A One Horse Sleigh

Then keep that position, but move your arms in front of and behind you.

13. Catwalk Again One Or Two Steps

Pivot around and then catwalk one more time.

14. Facing Outward, Extend Both Your Arms To The Sky One More Time

And don't forget to smile.

15. And, Finally, Take A Bow

Well, a bow or an awkward group curtsy. Either way, you've earned that applause, and nobody will ever fault you for messing up halfway through.

You go, Glen Coco!

Images: Paramount Pictures (22