What's Happening In Rihanna's New ANTIdiaRY Vid?

by Kristie Rohwedder

Well, we are one room closer to ANTI. (How many rooms do we have left? Don't ask me. For all I know, there could be 750 rooms in this ANTIdiaRY house. And hey, if that's the case, I will watch all 750 videos. No question.) Wednesday, pop singer and footwear magnate Rihanna released the fifth installment of the ANTIdiaRY/Samsung ad campaign. And just like all of the videos that preceded it, "Room 5" gets real weird real fast.

The clip opens on Queen RiRi sitting in a bathtub. Said bathtub is situated in the middle of a stark white, possibly doorless room. Faceless shadows stand on the other side of the frosted bathtub room walls. The tableau is both aesthetically pleasing and unsettling, not unlike a room from of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Here are some of the Qs I have for the minute-long vid:

  • Is this supposed to be a spa?
  • Like, is this spooky room supposed to be relaxing?
  • What is this room's deal?
  • For starters, is there even a door?
  • How'd RiRi get into that room?
  • Did she repel down into the tub from that skylight?
  • What is that bluish opaque liquid?
  • Is there some sort of LUSH bath bomb situation going on?
  • Or is it milk and few drops of blue food coloring?
  • Where’s HAL 9000?
  • Who is standing on the other side of the wall?
  • Can they not?
  • Can’t RiRi take a bath in peace?
  • Does the girl from the ANTI cover know where the door is?
  • Wait, why is the water turning dark blue?
  • Where did that cloud of blue water come from?
  • Did an ink pen just explode in the bathtub?
  • Or is it another LUSH bath bomb?
  • Oh, wait. Maybe that’s her hair dye?
  • Is bathing in hair dye water is the new celebrity bathing trend?
  • Like, is it secretly really great for your pores?
  • Is the ANTI release date scribbled on the floor of the tub in marker?
  • Is that actually where the blue ink water came from?
  • Seriously though, when is ANTI going to come out?

Final thought: If RiRI had a bath bomb line, I'd give it all of my money.