This Democratic Debate Drinking Game Gives The Third Face-Off Some Much Needed Juice

If you’re still reeling from the boorish shouting fest that was the last Republican debate, you can rest easy. The next Democratic debate is right around the corner, and if history is any precedent, it’ll be a refreshing breath of air. Compared to the Republican debates, which descended into farce the moment Donald Trump was allowed on stage, the Democratic debates have been respectful, insightful, and informative. That’s one reason to watch this next one. Another is that it’s on a Saturday night, which means you can take full advantage of our Democratic debate drinking game and still be able to sleep in the next day.

As somebody who strongly believes in the value of a well-informed voting public, I’m a huge proponent of playing drinking games at debates. Some might see them as simply an excuse to get hammered; I see them as an effective way to increase civic participation by incentivizing voters to pay attention to the debates, a critical part of the democratic process.

And hey, I'll be honest. Sometimes, the only way I can tolerate two hours of politicians bickering with each other is with a healthy supply of friends and alcohol by my side. With that said, here’s your drinking game for the next Democratic debate. Drink up — like Fourth of July, this is an occasion where getting smashed and being a patriotic American aren't mutually exclusive.

Take A Sip If...

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images
  • A candidate or moderator mentions that you’re spending Saturday night with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley.
  • Sanders references “the billionaires” or “the billionaire class.”
  • O’Malley complains, however gently, about not getting enough speaking time.
  • Someone other than Sanders mentions income inequality (obviously, if Bernie were included here, you’d be blacked out before the debate was over).
  • A candidate talks about making college more affordable.
  • Someone implicitly criticizes Clinton for supporting the war in Iraq.
  • O’Malley picks a fight with one of the other candidates.
  • You want Hillary and Bernie to just be running mates already.

Have A Shot If...

  • Clinton and Sanders become BFFs on stage, like they did during Sanders’ “damn emails” line in the first debate.
  • Anyone utters the word “Benghazi.”
  • A moderator implies that the United States is losing to ISIS.
  • Someone references climate change.
  • Hillary and Bernie get into a policy disagreement.
  • Black Lives Matter is mentioned by name. This is a cause for celebration, people.
  • The candidates bash the Republicans, the GOP debates, or the GOP debate moderators.

Chug Your Drink If...

  • Sanders brings up his resemblance to Larry David.
  • Any of the candidates praise Donald Trump in any way.
  • Mitt Romney makes a surprise video appearance to ask the candidates a question.
  • O’Malley makes the crowd laugh.
  • Bernie flies off the handle; keep chugging until he calms down.
  • Hillary gets a sexist question that wouldn’t be asked of a male candidate.
  • The candidates address Trump's Muslim ban.
  • The candidates talk about the holidays or their holiday plans.