9 Pieces Of Jewelry To Give (& Ask For)

by Eliza Florendo

You know how they say diamonds are a girl's best friend? There's some truth — and lies — in that statement, but ultimately, nothing says you care like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Consider this your jewelry gift guide for the holiday season, whether you're giving (to mom, BFF, sister) or receiving. Though jewelry can tend to run pretty expensive, there are a few pieces that won't break the bank, and still display your affection.

Since my mother's family owns a jewelry business, I've always had a special relationship with jewelry. As a child, I'd spend hours in her jewelry shop, perusing gorgeous pieces for hours, and even trying them on (they were of course, too big). Before I was even brought home from the hospital, my ears had been pierced, and for as long as I can remember, I've had an "Eliza" necklace, à la Carrie Bradshaw's gold cursive one. I fell immediately in love.

But as I've grown older, I've formed my own relationship with it. When I'm looking to buy myself a piece, I can't be dropping bags of cash on diamonds. I've learned to find pieces that are still investments, but don't quite take my entire paycheck. And there's something about giving and receiving jewelry — there's an air of permanence. And it shows that the person gifting it has taken the time to choose something special.

Without further ado, here are my favorite picks for pieces of jewelry to gift (and hint at receiving) this holiday season.

1. The Lariat Necklace

Gorjana Mave Lariat Necklace, $78,

So elegant and so chic, this long necklace will literally match anything.

2. The Point

Vita Fede Mini Titan Bracelet, $240,

Love how subtle this cuff is, but how it still manages to be edgy.

3. The Hook Earrings

Lana Hooked On Hoops With Diamonds, $365,

Love this modern twist on the hoop earring.

4. Classic Studs

Elizabeth And James Compass Rose Stud Earrings, $195,

Everyone needs a pair of earrings they can wear everyday, and these definitely serve that function.

5. Do Be A Square!

Chloé Darcey Faux Pearl Square Ring, $315,

Who says rings need to be circular? This square ring is so gorgeously unexpected, any alternative jewelry lover will die for it.

6. The Dangler

Finn Gypsy Thread Earrings, $300,

Obsessed with how delicate these are. They're definitely a more subtle piece, but one that can be appreciated close up.

7. The Knot

Amber Sceats Tie The Knot Choker Necklace, $229,

Because what's harder to untie than a knot?

8. Natural Beauty

Heather Benjamin Deep Sea Green Quartz Drusy Ring, $295,

This pretty much says I love you as big as the sky.

9. The Hinge

Michael Kors Astor Hinge Bangle, $115,

Sometimes, you want minimalism, and other times, you want hardware. This is one of those times.

You still have a juuust a bit of time to get your holiday shopping and wish listing on. Make sure to add some of these pieces to both, before it's too late!

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