7 Festival-Perfect Indie Jewelry Brands For Summer

by Freyia Lilian Porteous

Festival season is most definitely here, which means there's no better time than the present to turn to indie jewelry designers. The sun is shining, the weather is heating up, legs are coming out of hiding from hemlines, and excitement is in the air. So whether you'll be dancing in the sand at Burning Man this summer, or playing your favorite tunes from your iPhone in the park, everyone loves an excuse to dress festival ready, no?

I can't think of a time I wouldn't be ready to crack open the glitter, get some sequins on, and don some floaty layers TBH. The witchy, beautiful designs of these seven indie jewelry designers particularly conjure images of the mystical, music-fueled, and chilled out vibes of the music festival, and add a touch of Woodstock magic to any outfit to boot.From raw crystal rings to esoteric pendants with an occult charm, each of these brands channels a free spirited vibe that's perfect for long summer days and glittering summer nights. So, get your head out of the high street, and direct your dollar to this talented bunch! As well as channeling your bohemian beauty, you will be supporting independent brands and the creative artists behind them. Go on, it'll give you a good deed glow that no amount of facials can beat!

1. Tiny Mountains

Hailing from Brighton, England, jewelry brand Tiny Mountains handcrafts each of its exquisite pieces individually. Rough cut crystals are set in brass and silver to adorn your fingers like specimens in a natural history museum. They sparkle and glint like tiny ice mountains in some distant, faraway, unexplored land. Astronomy inspired jewelry, tiny moon shaped necklaces, stars, awkward geometrics, and bangles made from discarded instruments are tiny, supernatural fashionable reliquaries of occult beauty.Pair one of Tiny Mountain's many pendants with a handful of its statement rings, stick some star stickers to your face, swathe yourself in a voluminous chiffon mini dress, and pull your wellies from the back of your closet, for a festival-inspired outfit so perfect you'd make Joni Mitchell jealous.

2. Datter

Named after the Danish word for "daughter," and in the words of designer-creator Kaye Blegvad "part 'data,' part 'matter...' a little alchemical," Datter is a subtly narrative jewelry brand inspired by all things ritualistic and occult. Perfect for the festival season, Datter's etched crescent moon necklaces, delicate hand emblems, and star spangled bangles are quirky, bohemian, and elegant. Wear your impeccably crafted Datter piece with your hair artfully distressed with salt spray, make yourself a Daisy chain, and grab yourself a cider. Lush vibes.

3. Eclectic Eccentricity

If Florence Welch in her Lungs era is your festival inspiration of choice, then British indie brand Eclectic Eccentricity is the festival ready jewelry brand for you! Lily of the Valley motifs, faux pearls, goddess head dresses, tiny animal pendants, and constellation printed bracelets channel a contemporary Pre-Raphaelite Earth goddess vibe.

Slip on a 1970s ethereal maxi dress, adorn yourself with some choice Eclectic Eccentricity picks, and go barefoot this summer. Don't forget some shimmering eyeshadow. Bottle pillar box red hair optional.

4. Heart Of Gold

Do you have a love of crowns and hair adornments that borders on obsessive? Do you love them more than the Childlike Empress from The Never Ending Story, a fairytale princess, and a mermaid combined? Yeah, me too. I feel you. And you will love Heart of Gold.

Intricate and gorgeously constructed, Heart of Gold crowns and hair adornments are amongst the most beautiful on this planet! From tiny diadems to bejeweled tiaras to hairbands set with beautiful dry grasses, each hand crafted piece has a depth of personality and a story to tell. Whether you're going to a festival or just want to feel like an otherworldly creature this summer, get outside and get adorned.

P.S., how amazing is that girl's starry, fringed something in this picture? I would really, really like one.

5. Whitest Hour

The brainchild of another Brightonian British babe, Whitest Hour is an independent online jewelry boutique created for bohemian girls. With its focus on spirituality, healing, and travel, the inspired pieces in its collections feature gemstones, earthy motifs, and multi-cultural references. If your online history is full of visits to Free People, you have found your new one-stop shop for accessories this summer.So let your hair down, henna your hands, and pull on a delectable tent dress to get your nomad on this summer.

6. Bonbi Forest

Decorated with naive and imaginative drawings, Bonbi Forest's quaint adornments are a playful alternative to more hippie-inspired trinkets, but are still festival perfect. If you're the type of woman who craves bizarre illustrated prints, daydreams over picture books, and has a playful sense of humor, channel your inner child with these adorably whimsical ornaments this summer. Don't forget your jelly shoes as you pack your tent and go feral for the weekend at your festival of choice.

7. Pretty Vagrant

Last but by no means least, I give you gloriously ostentatious Pretty Vagrant, who takes the feather jewelry trend to the absolute and most fabulous extremes. If you're not quite brave enough to go for a bold statement worthy of a fashion forward aviary, or are on a budget, the brand also sells smaller, more delicate feathered finds.

So there you have it babes, you have no excuse not to at least look festival ready this summer, even if you're just DIY-ing it in your backyard.

Images: Giphy; Ruth Beesley; tinymountainsjewellery/Instagram; Courtesy Brands