Emily Thorne Called Sara's Mom On 'Revenge' And Proves That She's Not Playing Nice But Neither Is Daniel Grayson

If there's one thing we can always trust ABC's Revenge to deliver on, it's verbal bitch-slappings administered by mothers — and on Sunday night, that's exactly what we got. Clearly, Emily Thorne didn't think she could handle Daniel's new houseguest, Sara, on her own, so she resorted to the most drastic of measures: calling her mother. No, we're not kidding. And you thought Victoria Grayson was the only mother with the power to instill fear equivalent to the wrath of God. If one thing is certain, it's that Emily isn't going to hold anything back if it helps her succeed.

When we left Emily last week, she had vowed to essentially make Daniel's life a living hell by refusing to end their marriage. She also ensured that she had the upper hand in the situation by not turning Daniel into the police for attempted murder on their wedding night — because, obviously, it'll be so much better to blackmail and torture him with the fact that she could spill the beans at any moment. And Daniel — in typical Daniel Grayson fashion — decided that he was going to fight back. Night try, buddy.

Cue Sara — who, really, at this point, is pretty damn stupid for getting sucked back into the twisted Grayson family. Daniel went to her, convinced her to come back to him, and they holed up in his "wing of the house" to entertain a silly affair that would never last. This is Revenge after all, so, yeah, Sara's pretty stupid. Also, in retaliation, Daniel seemed to manipulate his former lover (that he also paralyzed in a drunk driving accident way, way back) and plant the idea that she had some form of entitlement at Grayson Manor. HUGE mistake, but, of course, Sara, being the impressionable non-high society girl that she is, ran with it. What mistress lounges by the pool ordering Cristal when she knows that the guy's wife is living in the house? One that obviously doesn't realize that Emily Thorne would no sooner rip her throat out than let her ruin her plans — especially now that she has a serious bone to pick over the shooting leaving her sterile.

Mrs. Daniel Grayson and Sara get into a minuscule argument over Daniel during which Sara is so defiant and sure of her relationship "Danny" that it's hysterical. Good for you, Sara — you try to show Emily who the boss is here. If she would've stopped here, Sara might have lasted another episode, but she took this small victory (which wasn't really a victory at all — when Emily's silent, it just means your end is coming sooner than you think) and ran amok. Seriously, amok. Daniel fired all of the staff because Emily had them start spreading rumors around the Hamptons about him shacking up with "trashy" Sara, so she took it upon herself to take full-run of the house. Why would she even bother leaving Daniel's wing? Honestly. So Sara and Daniel get romantic, Emily sees it and gets seriously pissed, and the next thing we know — here comes Mrs. Munello. And apparently she's as equally bitchy as Victoria Grayson.

First, we like Emily's style — she tried to come at Sara like an adult, but she was basically was too immature with her "you can't tell me what to do" defiance that she just decided it wasn't worth it to deal with her. (Good call.) So, she changed the game to better fit Sara's behavior and it totally worked. Sara's mom disowned her for being a "home wrecker," terrorizing a woman that's recovering from being shot, and running around like she's a part of the high society Grayson world. And, for a second, Sara seemed like she was going to defy her too but that didn't happen — a few hours later, the romantic trip to Rome was off and she was running home, crying, to mommy. Cue, "That was easy!" Emily: 1, Sara and Daniel: 0.

So Emily's not going to play nice — Daniel took away her one chance mend her life by having a family of her own and now he's going to live his life in eternal misery. But what's even better than Emily not playing nice is Daniel not playing nice either. It's good to see that there's a person underneath his weak, easily manipulated, and over-emotional shell.

He took a shot firing all of the staff and trying to play on Emily's emotions, and it could've worked. He also took a shot, even though it was incredibly lame, by having Emily walk in on him and Sara in bed together. (Juvenile but whatever.) And his best, and absolutely most venomous, shot was telling Emily that sterilizing her was his gift to the universe. He's gone to a dark place, and it works. We could do without his violent streak, though — he's so good at cutting with his words that dragging Emily around by her hair is unnecessary.

So no one's going to play nice around Grayson Manor for awhile. Emily got Sara to leave and has reduced Daniel to the deepest, darkest, most evil version of himself, but the fight isn't over. These two both have nothing left and watching them battle it out in Revenge's future episodes is going to be epic.

Image: ABC