Katy Perry Beats Winter Blues With Bright Hat

While the cold weather is arriving super late in some parts of the country this year, there is a super fun and fashionable way to stave off winter doldrums once the bitter chill decides to show up. Katy Perry's bright winter accessories totally banish winter blues. The singer is known for her love of color, especially when it comes to hair. She continues to prefer brights above the neck, as she wore a mustard yellow knit hat and brown and yellow scarf wrapped around her neck. She paired her winter warmers with nerdy black glasses.

Perry rocked this ensemble while enjoying a night out at Disneyland in California. It's interesting that she would need to bundle up while in Cali when it's been so warm and humid on the East Coast. Funny how that stuff works.

That said, Perry's layers make me yearn for the arrival of freezing cold weather so I, too, can rock layers. That is what makes winter dressing fun.

Perry's look screams "Adorably nerdy and cute!" Since the singer is known for being a sexpot with some seriously enviable curves, it's always refreshing to see her dress down IRL. She doesn't wear candy costumes all day, every day and when off stage, Katy Cats.

The "ROAR" singer and H&M holiday fairy is so winter-ready. I wish the East Coast was. Perry paired her knits with a military-look jacket which was festooned with a blingy "K," a patch, and a Minnie Mouse pin.

This knit skully is the same color as Perry's. ($15.99,

This cozy cap has a pom on top, like Perry's hat. It's also pretty much the same shade. ($36,

Yellow is usually such a summery color, since, you know, it's the same hue as the sun. But Perry reminds us that you can rock this shade at any time of the year and it can elevate any wintry outfit.

Check out Perry's Mickey Mouse ring, too! She is killing it with accessories.

Images: Katy Perry/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Walmart (1); Courtesy of Lord & Taylor (1)