Katy Perry Has Rainbow Hair For H&M Commercial

Rainbow hair, don't care! Katy Perry has rainbow hair in H&M's holiday commercial, because of course she does. Perry loves to play with hair hues that are not found in nature. But rainbow hair is not the style chameleon's sole strand style in this two-minute ad. Perry's somewhat familiar (and sometimes signature) black hair makes a cameo, as do dark green tips. Only Perry can cram three distinct hair looks into 120 seconds.

The singer and Moschino model showed off a decidedly goth-inspired look last week, pairing glossy raven locks with deep berry lips. It was very autumnal. She has also shown a preference for pink hair. But for her festive and spirited H&M "The Makers of Happy and Merry" spot, she went with all sorts of shades.

While rainbow hair might feel more appropriate for the summer season, leave it to Perry to inject a whole bunch of bright and pastel colors into the winter holiday season, which is usually all about red and green. Perry doesn't play by any style rules and she was playing a fairy, so the rainbow hair matched her sparkly outfit.

I mean, she does rock green tips and those were holiday-ready.

Let's look at all of Perry's fabulous and festive follicles in this spot, which should get you in the holiday spirt.

Here's Perry's fairy x mermaid hair, which boasts several variations of blue and green!

It's even more multi-dimensional from the front, with some yellow and lavender strands dispersed throughout.

The rainbow locks match her sparkly ensemble, her iridescent wings, and her glittery eye makeup.

The singer rocked super shiny, black hair when she first exploded onto the scene back in the late '00s. It's her most "familiar" look and on she often returns to. She shows off her beloved, center-parted, black bun in the spot, pairing it with a flowing, semi-sheer red dress with a black sash.

She digs the black bun with a center part so much she does it twice... just with different outfits. The same 'do looked way different with a long dress than with a black mini skirt and white top.

Perry's Nutcracker look earns its edginess thanks to her green tips.

What's cooler than big, green dip-dyed curls?

OK, I had to share this shot of Perry making a snow angel because she wore red stilettos with her "menswear" ensemble.

Perry kept things super stylish in this H&M holiday commercial. That's like why H&M partnered with Perry in the first place.

Images: H&M/YouTube (9)