Is The New 'Star Wars' Film Better In 3D?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is back with a vengeance. Many people across the country are waking up this morning after spending hours waiting in line for the film, which premiered on Friday at midnight. The movie, which is the newest Star Wars film in over 10 years, has been receiving rave reviews across the board. Fans were not disappointed in the final product, however, the verdict is still out on whether 2D or 3D is better for watching Star Wars . Considering this is the first time a Star Wars movie has been been run in 3D during the initial release of said movie, there has been a lot of anticipation and debate over which version might be the way to go.

It's a hard choice to make considering there are many benefits to watching either way. With 3D, you get the pleasure of watching the lightsaber fight scenes happening right in front of your face, Which could be either the coolest thing to ever happen or the scariest. Not to mention, being a galaxy film, the stars in 3D makes the experience seem out of this world. (Get it? Shameless Star Wars joke.) If you watch the film in 2D, then you save yourself some money, which is the only real benefit. You might also save yourself a headache if you get motion sickness.

3D is really just an added element of fun for the audience. Very rarely do you feel like you are in the movie, but it's always great when a film can get you to jump out of your seat from something you thought was flying at you. Over the years, films that have been released in 3D haven't always been met with the greatest reviews. Who could forget the atrocity that was Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over? Then again, the failure of that film may have had more to do with the 3D in that movie feeling like an attempt to make the franchise relevant again, whereas The Force Awakens uses the 3D to great effect to really pull you into the plot of the film in an interesting way. Very few films have done a great job creating a 3D experience and making it worth the splurge, but Star Wars is one of those few.

It's always hard to trust that a 3D movie is going to be worth the extra cost; even the wonderful JJ Abrams was worried about putting out a 3D version. Eventually, though, he warmed to the idea, and may have even enjoyed the final product more than the 2D version. Regardless of whether you watch it in 3D, or save a couple bucks and watch it in 2D, you won't be disappointed. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is worth the watch, despite your dimensional preference.

Images: Giphy; Lucasfilm; Walt Disney Pictures