15 Holiday Memes That Sum Up The Christmas Spirit

by Meghan Bassett

I realize that the holiday season is in full swing, and some of you might be sick of the Christmas spirit already, but today I am spreading all the Christmas cheer with these funny holiday memes. There are only a couple of days left before it’s all over, so why not get it all out of your system until next year? Deck those halls and set out the cookies, because Santa is coming to town!

There are few things that make me happier than celebrating the Christmas season. Even spending time with my weird family becomes a joyous occasion full of laughter (and a lot of wine). The holiday season seems to bring out the best in even the worst people out there. Who can blame them with all the upbeat music, sparkling lights, and hot cocoa floating around every day? It's hard not to be happy.

Embrace the final few days of the holiday season before we all begrudgingly return to our normal routine, and have to wait FOREVER for our next day off of work. Ignore the to-do list, bake some cookies, spike some eggnog, and get into the freaking spirit already. Holiday memes assemble! Merry Christmas to all!

1. Don’t Even Try To Beat Me

Plugging in those twinkle lights I see? HA, amateur.

2. Get Ready

Get ready to hear from everyone you thought you’d forgotten about in one fell swoop.

3. Santa Is Coming

Come now Ned Stark, why so serious? There’ll be presents.

4. Elf is Christmas

Smiling, hot chocolate, Will Ferrell, and Santa. Christmas = #crushedit.

5. Family’s Coming

Time to stock up on the wine and rum.

6. Kitten Problems

These kitties are sneaky little devils, aren’t they?

7. Don’t Hate

Don’t be hating on my Christmas parade!

8. Don’t Give Kids Coal

Because then this happens…

9. ALL the lights

Christmas lights are gonna be around for awhile, folks. Maybe I’ll take ‘em down in February…

10. How Do I Choose?

BOTH. Always both.

11. Family Bonding

What would the holidays be without your weird cousin who you wish you could hit over the head with a shovel?

12. Over Too Soon

Even though Christmas starts before Halloween, it disappears waaaaaaay too fast.

13. Christmas Morning


14. Christmas Poker Face

The gaudier the tree, the closer to Lady Gaga’s outfits it resembles. ALL THE TINSEL.

15. Just Buy the Present

Want to make it to the New Year? Just buy the darn present.

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

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