9 New Year's Eve Hairstyles For Short Hair

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t style it extra special for New Year’s Eve. I hit YouTube hard to uncover the best of the best New Year’s Eve hairstyles for short hair and you’re totally going to swoon. With a few bobby pins and a little hairspray, anything is possible.

Did you know there are at least 31 celebrities rocking short hair right now? If that’s not a sign 2016 will be full of bobs and lobs, I don’t know what is! I’m currently sporting a lob cut that’s just started grazing my shoulders, and really love the length. It’s short enough to dry fast and not weigh me down, but I’ve also finally hit that super glorious point where I can pop it all into a ponytail.

Whether you currently have a lob nearly past your shoulders or recently took the plunge and got an amazing pixie cut, there’s tons of ways to make your hair look extra special for when the clock strikes 12. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to put a little added effort into your look to give it some holiday glamour and sizzle, so pick one of the looks below and have fun!

1. Milkmaid Braid

Pair a little black dress with a milkmaid braid for a mix of sweet and saucy.

2. Marley Twists

Add a dose of fierce color with a bright red Marley twist look.

3. Faux Hawk

For all my pixie ladies out there, learn how to create the perfect faux hawk with this simple tutorial.

4. French Twist

Channel Audrey Hepburn with a classic French twist. And yes, it's totally possible on short hair!

5. Textured Waves

For an effortless chic look, go for textured worn-in waves.

6. Short Top Knot

Even those of you growing out your pixie don't have to feel stuck pinning it down. Grab a hair tie and play with a top knot!

7. Long Pixie Fishtail

You read that right, even pixie cut ladies can braid in a little fishtail to add a special touch to their look.

8. Flat Twist Out

For a clean and sexy twist out on natural hair, this tutorial manages to break down exactly what to do in under six minutes.

9. Boho Bun

If you want to look timeless but add a touch of whimsical hipster, this boho bun is exactly what you want.

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Image: A Ting Thing/YouTube