Is Target Open On Christmas Eve?

Real talk... I went to Target at midnight on Thanksgiving and I plan on going back there less than a week from today. Wanna know why? Because it truly is the best store of the history of stores. Need more proof? Target will be open on Christmas Eve, so all of us last-minute holiday shoppers have a place to wrap up (pun intended) our gift-giving lists this year.

To find out what Target's holiday store hours are on the day before Christmas, I went straight to the company's website and searched for a few nearby locations. According to, the Los Angeles store (nearest to my office, so that I can quickly run in there for a candle, lip balm, or cheap DVDs), is open — are you ready for this? — from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve. OK, I thought H&M's Christmas Eve store hours was generous, but 16 freaking hours of Target time? Insane!

I also checked a few other California Target store locations for their hours on Dec. 24 and some listed their closing time as 10 p.m. The lesson here is to double check, both online and by calling the stores, to find out what their hours are on Christmas Eve.

Because you want to ensure that your last minute Target trip yields nothing but the best gifts for your loved ones and also (hopefully) for a charitable cause this holiday season.

Image: Target/Instagram