Shiny Items Cara D. Would Definitely Approve Of

by Augusta Statz

Pieces that sparkle are covetable this time of year, and I’m sure it’s not just me who’s got a shiny piece or two on their wish list. Cara Delevingne has a sparkly car on her Christmas wish list. So clearly, sparkles are in. All I can say is, she better hope she’s been awfully good this year to deserve a gift this amazing. I mean, a car that’s covered in glitter? That’s like the present to top all presents, you know?

I can honestly say I never even thought of putting a sparkly luxury vehicle on my list for Santa, but maybe I’m just being realistic about Santa’s gift-giving abilities. I mean, if everyone asked for a shiny new car, it’d weigh the sleigh down. So, I guess I’ll let Delevingne get this car — this year. She deserves it. It’s not easy being a top model-turned actress, you know? If you feel the same, don’t be too discouraged because there are still plenty of ways you can sparkle all through the holidays and into 2016 without driving a brand new whip around.

From clothing to accessories, metallic and sequin covered pieces will give you all of the Delevingne Christmas feels. For a wishlist that’s reasonable (but still sparkly!) ask Santa for these items.

I hope Santa can deliver!

1. Metallic Leather Bomber Jacket

Metallic Leather Bomber Jacket, $359, ASOS

I definitely think this would make a spot on Delevingne's wishlist, you know, if she weren't asking for the car. Oh well, more for you, right?

2. Sequin Tee

Sequin Top, $29.90, Forever 21+

This is so rocker-chic.

3. Sparkling Jewels

The Calligrapher's Pavé Ring, $65, Prismera

This sparkling ring is perfect for the holidays and beyond.

4. Sequin Oxfords

Sequin Oxfords, $188, Nasty Gal

Be holiday party-ready in these shiny shoes.

5. Sequined Dress

Sequin Skirt Midi Dress, $117, ASOS Curve

This dress may only be half sequins, but it's all party.

6. Sparkly Cape

Speaking Sequins Cape Blazer, $98, Nasty Gal

Make any look more festive with a sequined blazer.

7. Metallic Crossbody

Mini Metallic Crossbody Bag, $30, Urban Outfitters

For those nights when all you need is your phone, your lipstick and a shiny purse, of course.

Wouldn't these just make the best presents? Good looking out, Cara D.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7); Giphy (1)