Zach Braff & 5 More Celebrities You'll Be Forced to Stop Hating This Year

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In a little over six months, Garden State will celebrate its tenth anniversary. It's hard to believe that the indie dramedy that inspired millions to buy Shins albums and to think that manic pixie dream girls exist, is already a decade old, seeing as its star/writer/director, Zach Braff, has never left the spotlight. Whether playing J.D. in Scrubs, writing jokes on Twitter, or starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund his film, Braff has made every effort to stay famous.

Unfortunately, all that self-promotion came off as pretty annoying to most fans, and during the last few years, Braff has been the subject of many "why won't he go away?" articles and diatribes. This year, though, Braff is coming back in a big way, forcing even his most passionate haters to have a reversal of opinion. Here's how Braff, and five other hated celebrities, will win your back in 2014.

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