Can You Shop The Black Yeezy 750s On Yeezy Supply?

Kanye, I know you’re busy with your next album and Imma let you finish but, I just had to interrupt you to say thank you for this gift. A Yeezy online shop is live, so yes, you can get to shopping those favorite West-designed pieces of yours, straight from the source. Wifey Kim Kardashian tweeted out the link to the site because when you’re busy producing music you can’t be bothered to announce things like this. Thankfully, Kardashian’s got a huge enough following that the word has already spread, and ‘Ye didn’t have to lift a finger. Now, that’s some teamwork right there.

The website has men’s and women’s apparel and shoes from Yeezy Season 1 and 2 available to shop. His newest Yeezy 750s are on there, too, but don’t get your hopes up because they’re already sold out. I mean, you wouldn’t expect West to launch a website and not have products sell out left and right, now would you? Of course not.

Get excited to shop Yeezy Season from the Yeezy Supply website. I sure hope you’ve been saving up because you’re going to want to snag up these pieces before they’re all gone. Leave it to West to remind us exactly what we wanted to spend all of our cash on — right before Christmas.


1. Crop Top

Crop Top Mole, $220, Yeezy Supply

I need a knitted crop top in my closet. Don't you?

2. Crew Top

Cut Off Sleeve Crew In Cognac, $350, Yeezy Supply

This would go great with some leather leggings.

3. Yeezy 950

Yeezy 950, $775, Yeezy Supply

Want some new winter boots? Might as well get Yeezy ones.

4. Oversized Jumper

Cropped Oversized Jumper in Caviar, $300, Yeezy Supply

Nothing will give you that Yeezy feeling like an oversized pullover.

5. Sweats

Soft Sweat Pants In Cognac, $570, Yeezy Supply

I'd love to snag a pair of West-designed sweats.

6. Camo Coat

Quilted Camo Coat, $1,700, Yeezy Supply

Nothing's cooler than Yeezy camo, you know?

It's like West just gets me. I want it all! He killed it, again.

Images: Yeezy Supply (6); Giphy (1)