15 Perfect Last-Minute Gifts For Your Roommate

Thinking about getting Christmas gifts for your roommate this year? Well, you should. One of the most terrifying aspects of college is being assigned a roommate — a strange, possible-snorer who you'll be forced to sleep in the same room as. If you lucked out, your college roommate has morphed into your best friend (whom you gladly won't judge for aforementioned respiratory problems), and someone who you'd gladly gift a Christmas present to that exceeds the cost of a meal plan swipe at the dining hall. It's totally appropriate to give your college roommate a gift on Christmas to tell her that you've appreciated the awesome semester that just passed.

If your roommate has stockpiled gifts in your dorm for her other friends and family, you can probably figure out a good cost estimate on what you should spend. Granted, most of her presents for others probably originated in the school store (especially if she's a freshman), so you might not be as lucky. In most cases, anything in the $20 to $35 range is probably adequate — after all, you're probably only working part-time (if at all) during the semester, and money can often be a little hard to come by.

First off, don't forget — as her roommate, you actually have an "in" that other friends don't have. For example, you can easily check her clothing sizes while she's at class, and get a good first-hand look at her favorite scents and jewelry preferences. What can you say? You've actually become, without even trying, an expert on all-things-roommate, which is quite a unique position to be in.

Still feel somewhat stumped? Here are a few great ideas on what to get her:

1. A Birthstone Ring

These rings from TheJewelryGirlsPlace on Etsy are absolutely stunning. While they don't have every birthstone, they definitely cover a bunch of the basics, like Peridot for August and Garnet for January.

Birthstone Ring, $30.95, TheJewelryGirlsPlace/Etsy

2. Bus Or Subway Tickets

OK, so this sounds super impersonal, but college is all about saving money, and the holidays are all about traveling. If your roommate has family that's far away, you're pretty much contributing towards her trip back home, either for Christmas or for a future event. Live in NYC? A Metro Card reload would be perfect.

Transportation Cards/Tickets, prices vary, photo by Image Catalog/Flickr

3. Laptop Decals

Let your roomie decorate what has sadly become her best friend this past finals week. A laptop decal will add a little personality to any Macbook — my personal favorite? This super cute Snow White decal from LaLuShop over on Etsy.

Macbook Decal Snow White, $5.99, LaLuShop/Etsy

4. Bumble And Bumble Holiday Set

So, chances are you're not shelling out money for the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair. I mean, if you live in a dorm, you have to lug that stuff to a community bathroom and deal with the unpleasantness of showering close to your hallmates. Why not step it up a bit? Bumble and Bumble is offering a few holiday sets starting at $25, and they'll brighten anyone's holiday.

The Hairdresser's Set, $25,

5. Furry Up, We're Dreaming Flats

Does your roommate like cats? Is she into cute stuff? These shoes from ModCloth are a bit more expensive than the other gifts, but they're so, so worth it.

Furry Up We're Dreaming Flats, $44.99, ModCloth

6. St. Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Candles

If you're the Tina to her Amy, she'll appreciate these cute candles that celebrate your BFF bond. Especially cool if you plan on catching Sisters with her in theaters before the holidays.

Saint Amy Poehler & Tina Fey Candles, $15, DomRockstar/Etsy

7. R2-D2 Bento Box

If she got a little nerdy over the new Star Wars movie, this adorable R2-D2 Bento Box might be the perfect gift. Now she can carry some snacks to the library in style!

R2-D2 Bento Box, $19.99, ThinkGeek

8. Fringe Scarf

Based on the weather we're having, she'll probably be wearing this cute fringe scarf from Charlotte Russe until April.

Marled Color Block Fringe Scarf, $8, Charlotte Russe

9. Personal Spa Sound Machine

If she can't afford to hit the spa, this is the next best thing. Hearing streams, rainforests, or white noise will help her sleep, study, or just chill out.

Sharper Image Personal Sound Spa Machine, $24.99, Target

10. Game Of Thrones Pint Glasses

If your roommate can't wait until the next season of Game Of Thrones (I mean, what the heck is happening with Jon Snow?), these glasses might be great for her collection. While everyone else at the party will be drinking out of red plastic cups, she'll be the champion who'll warn others that winter is coming.

'Game Of Thrones' Pint Glass Set, $19.99, ThinkGeek

11. Cute Crawler Earrings

It takes a unique person to pull off crawlers, and if your roommate is all about jewelry, she'll love these feathers from zizibecraft on Etsy. They come in a set of two, and will definitely be noticed at the next girls night.

Feather Leaf Sweep Ear Crawlers, $12.50, zizibecraft/Etsy

12. A Box Of Hershey's

If your roommate is a chocoholic (and there's nothing wrong with that), her eyes will light up at this assorted box of full-sized candy bars. Even if she sticks them in the mini fridge for later, she'll thank you when the chocolate cravings come. (And believe me — they will come.)

Hershey's Chocolate Full Size Variety Pack, $16.50, Amazon

13. Ovaries Before Brovaries Mug

If she's a Leslie Knope fan, she'll find this funny — but even if she has yet to dive into Parks & Recreation, the saying is a classic. If your roommate had her heart broken this year, she'll appreciate the reminder that friends come before all else while she drinks her morning coffee. And you can customize it in her favorite colors!

Ovaries Before Brovaries Mug, $15.99, CrassAndSass/Etsy

14. Orange Fox iPhone Case

Does your roommate love adorable animals? Is she foxy? Even if she finds this term to be highly disturbing, especially coming from you, she'll probably love this case for her most prized possession. Not only is this case scratch-proof, but it's classy as all get-out.

iPhone 6 Case Fox, $18.00+, Percasive/Etsy

15. Makeup Brushes

Ladies, let's be honest: Do we really change up our makeup brushes the way we should? (Even if you do, I sure don't.) This little travel set from Sephora has your basic brushes that fall in the range of angled to domed, and they're the perfect present for your eyeshadow-loving roommate.

Look Color In The Eye Brush Capsule, $22, Sephora

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