15 Last-Minute Gifts Available On Amazon Prime

It's OK, breathe — Christmas is in a few days, but all is not lost if you haven't got your gifts together. You're in extra luck if you're an Amazon Prime member, because there are tons of last-minute gifts on Amazon Prime you can order from the cozy comfort of your own couch, and bank on it arriving before Christmas (if you order before Tuesday!). It's down to the wire now, and no one expects you to have it all together, but everyone does expect you to have it together by the end of the week when Christmas arrives. And when you can get things delivered right to your front door, there's really no reason not to.

I've been tacking on last-minute gifts for days now, and while I'm finally done, I've still been perusing Amazon to make sure there's not some cute last-minute stocking stuffers that I've missed. To be honest with you, I could spend forever shopping on Prime. At the rate I'm going, my loved ones are going to need to steal their Christmas stockings from giants, just to fit everything in. So whether you're like me and can't stop buying presents, or are desperately grappling for last-minute gift ideas, come with me on a journey of last-minute gifts available on Amazon, because we have the technology to do better than Joey and Chandler's last-minute gas station gifts.

1. A Copper Tea Pot

Bodum Chambord Classic Copper Teapot, $41, Amazon

Copper kitchenware is classic and beautiful, and an easy way to buy someone something affordable that looks both thoughtful and expensive. For the tea-lover in your life, a copper tea pot will add a special touch to their little daily rituals, and you'll be able to say you made someone's day fancier with your gift.

2. A Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag

Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping, $9, Amazon

Cute and affordable, everyone can use a reusable shopping bag. It's good for the environment and your outfit, and it's cheap enough so that you can buy a few in a variety of patterns.

3. Hanging Planters

White Ceramic Rope Hanging Planter Set with 4 Flower Pots Plant Containers, $36, Amazon

Adding a little bit of green to someone's home is always a good gift. A nice hanging planter is great because it can go in any home, whether you're hanging it in a small apartment, or outside for your fancy friends who have a backyard.

4. A Woolrich Blanket

Woolrich Home Allegheny Throw Blanket , $149, Amazon

If you want to spend a little more, a beautiful Woolrich blanket is the perfect gift to give. Amazon Prime has them in a few different colors too, and most of them are pretty neutral so they will fit with most decor. And everyone needs a delicious blanket to snuggle under over the winter.

5. A Carry-On Cocktail Kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule, $26, Amazon

People travel during the holidays, whether to visit family or go on vacation. Get them a carry-on kit for their favorite cocktail, so they can luxuriously create delicious cocktails while cramped in the economy section of their flight, and pretend they're on a beach somewhere, not wedged between a screaming baby and a guy with bad BO.

6. An Adult Coloring Book

Flowers Coloring Book: A Coloring Book for Botanical-Loving Adults for Creativity, Relaxation, and Meditation , $12, Amazon

Adult coloring books are a great gift for your creative friends, or for your friends who might need to relax. The holidays can be pretty stressful, so the latter probably applies to just about everyone you know.

7. A Cheese Board

Top Shelf Living Slate Cheese Board, $55, Amazon

Perfect for the people in your life who love working on their night cheese. Level it up by grabbing some yummy cheeses and a bottle of wine from the deli on your way to gift giving.

8. A Fun Umbrella

Kate Spade New York Umbrella , $38, Amazon

It's winter, and everyone needs a little shelter from rain and show. Some might like to keep themselves dry in style. A practical gift with a chic twist, a Kate Spade umbrella is perfect for your friends and family who like to look cute even when the weather is working against them.

9. An On-The-Go Coffee Mug

Hot Stuff Thermal Mug , $14, Amazon

Eco-friendly and cute as anything, a fun on-the-go coffee or tea mug is perfect for the people in your life who commute, are always in a hurry, or generally just love caffeine.

10. A Corkscrew

BOJ Chrome-plated Cellar Type Corkscrew , $20, Amazon

The holidays mean it's wine season. OK let's be real. It's always wine season.

11. A Dutch Oven

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron Round French Oven, $360, Amazon

If you're looking to buy someone a really beautiful investment gift (and somehow you spaced and left that to the last minute), Le Creuset cast iron kitchen accessories are perfect. It's the kind of thing you can give someone that they'll have and use for the rest of their lives.

12. A Fancy Stapler

Kate Spade New York Acrylic Stapler, $28, Amazon

Part of gift giving is buying things for people they'd never buy for themselves. If you have a friend who works in an office or uses stationery, and also likes a little bit of fanciness and glamor in their lives, a blingy stapler is the perfect gift.

13. Sneaky Flasks

The Foldable Flask, $16, Amazon

A great gift for an outdoorsy person, or someone who just likes sneaking wine into the movies, you can't go wrong with on-the-go flasks.

14. A Cute Mug

Morning Mug, $5, Amazon

Mugs are great gifts, because you can never have too many, and they're always appreciated. This fun mug "wakes up" when you put your hot drink in it, which is adorable.

15. Faux Taxidermy

The Alfred White Resin Deer Sculpture Head with Metallic Gold Faux Antlers, $87, Amazon

You probably don't want to give someone a dead animal, but maybe faux taxidermy is up their alley. There's a variety of different colored animal heads on Prime, so you'll find one to fit your friend's decor.

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