Does DSW Do Free Overnight Shipping For Christmas?

While a lot of stores might do a polite scoff at the thought of us wanting free shipping so close to the holiday deadline, DSW's free shipping during the holidays has our back. Whether you want to treat yourself to a new pair of Christmas party shoes (hard to resist) or you have a fashion-lover on your list who still needs a gift, the retailer is about to help you out with that.

With Christmas being mere days away, those who haven't finished their holiday shopping might be feeling an itch between their shoulder blades. This is exactly why free overnight shipping for Christmas can be a godsend. Whether you don't want to brave the cold, are too swamped with work and holiday parties, or can't deal with the rush of the shopping malls, online shopping for Christmas is the way to go. But just because you have the awesome luxury of nabbing gifts for everyone on your list without leaving your couch doesn't mean it doesn't come with its negatives. The downside, of course, is that your gift might not come in time for you to stick underneath the tree.

Right now, DSW has free shipping on any orders that clock in at $35 and above, but the catch is that it is only for standard shipping as opposed to overnight.

However, even though the price for overnight shipping won't be waived, it's lucky that the brand even has overnight shipping. Seriously, it means those of us waiting until the last possible moment don't have to stress.

Now, to get into the breakdown of deadlines and prices, I spoke to a DSW rep on the phone. If you want your purchase to arrive by Christmas and are OK with standard shipping (some of us like to live on the edge), place your order by 11:59 PM ET on Dec. 21 and get it sent to you for free. Second business day shipping needs to be ordered by Dec. 22, giving you some time to deliberate between which boots you should choose for your pals and family. This option will cost you $14.95, but it'll get you your gifts in time. And if you're really cutting it close, order by 4 PM ET on Dec. 23 for next business day shipping, at a cost of $24.95.

If you want your gifts for Kwanza, you can order by 11:59 PM ET on Dec. 21 for standard shipping, and Dec. 28 for second business day shipping, with the same prices. Or if you'd feel most comfortable having things come to you the next day, order by 4 PM ET on Dec. 29 for next business day shipping.

If you're a DSW Rewards Premier member, on the other hand, you get certain perks that the rest of us don't. Namely, the much coveted free next business day shipping. This is only valid for logged-in premier members, and these orders must be placed by 4 PM ET for next business day delivery.

The downside of all this is that not all of us qualify as rewards premier members. There are certain stats you have to hit in order to join the exclusive club. Mainly, you have to be a DSW Rewards member who has earned 6,000 points in a calendar year, which translates to spending $600 in those 12 months.

Whether you're a premier member, are willing to spend the $15 to $25, or are just going to go with the free standard shipping, these promos last until Jan. 31, 2016. This gives you the option to still do a little post-holiday shopping, either as a victory gift for completing your list in time or a consolation prize for the harried holiday stress. Good luck out there!

Image: DSWShoeLovers /Instagram