How Does Miss Universe Choose The Final Question?

The Miss Universe question and answer round might be the most highly anticipated segment of the pageant. In the Q&A portion, contestants are given a question and expected to come up with a thoughtful response in just mere seconds. While this part of the pageant aims to show the final five’s personalities, it is also the last time the ladies have to impress the judges before they announce the winner of the title "Miss Universe." With so much riding on the stake of just one answer, I can only wonder, how does the Miss Universe Pageant select the final five questions, and arguably more importantly, who selects them?

While the selection of the five questions is a mystery, with little information available online, we do know that the final question is chosen via social media. To get audiences more involved with the pageant, the Miss Universe Organization has opened up the final question to the public, as is noted on the pageant's website. You can now go on Facebook and submit a question for the contestants, and the organization will select one to ask at the event.

If you are a fan of the Q&A portion or just want to test out your pageantry skills, scroll down and see five of the best questions and answers from previous Miss Universe pageants.

1. Miss Russia, Natalie Glebova, 2005

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miss Russia was calm and collected when she discussed her definition of success at the 2015 event. According to pageant news site The Great Pageant Community, she felt that success was about satisfaction and overcoming obstacles. Here's her full answer below.

Question: What is your definition of success?

Answer: True satisfaction is when a human being has fulfilled their goals and realized the work they have done. Overcoming obstacles makes you strong and enables you to succeed.

2. Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, 2013


According to International Business Times, Miss Venezuela believes that overcoming fears makes people stronger, and I couldn't agree more.

Question: What is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it?

Answer: We should overcome all our fears and this in turn would make us stronger. So as we overcome our fears, we can face any challenge.

3. Miss India, Lara Dutta, 2000


Miss India is obviously pro-pageantry, but her eloquent reason as to why is just one of the things that made her a shoe-in for the crown. According to International Business Times, Lara Dutta is thankful for the platform for many reasons, one of which is the opportunity to share her voice.

Question: Right now, there is a protest going on right outside here calling the Miss Universe pageant disrespectful of women. Convince them they are wrong.

Answer: I think pageants like the Miss Universe pageant give us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to and forge ahead, be it entrepreneurship, be it the armed force, be it politics. It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions, and makes us strong, independent that we are today.

4. Miss USA, Brooke Lee, 1997


Miss USA let her personality shine through when she discussed her love for food at the Miss Universe Pageant. According to International Business Times, she "would eat everything twice."

Question: If there would be no rules in your life in one day, and you could do something outrageous what would it be?

Answer: I would eat everything. You don't understand. I would eat everything twice.

5. Miss Russia, Oxana Fedorova, 2002

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According to International Business Times, Miss Russia was asked what made her blush. Her quick-witted response is what gives her personality points in my book.

Question: What makes you blush?

Answer: When I say the wrong things.

Here's hoping for many more touching, funny, poignant moments at Miss Universe 2015.