The Most Body Pos Moment Of Miss Universe

by May Sofi

Beauty pageants and body positivity are rarely ever used in the same sentence, and I completely understand why. I mean, how is an event based on stereotypical interpretations of beauty the least bit concerned with a healthy, positive body image, right? But Miss Slovenia at Miss Universe 2015 is proving all of that to be wrong.

During Dec. 20's event, Miss Slovenia came forward about her experiences with paralysis leading up to the competition, and it was definitely the most body positive moment of the night. The contestant opened up about the fact that she suffered through an epileptic episode, which left half of her face completely paralyzed. Due to health complications relating to her life-changing accident, she unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition, but not before gracing the stage and having her well-deserved moment in the spotlight.

I can't imagine it's easy to face millions of viewers and share such a deeply personal and difficult experience with them, and I totally commend her for telling her story. It's so crucial to spread awareness and reiterate to the world that beauty comes in all types and forms, and it's far from the one-dimensional ideal that beauty pageants tend to promote.

Just take a look at the kick-ass body positive moment.

Personally, I was really glad to see the Twitter world filled with supportive and kindhearted messages for Miss Slovenia.

Here's hoping such vulnerability and diversity of experiences become staples of the pageant world in years to come.