Kylie Brings Tyga To St. Barth's On 'KUWTK'

Anyone who has seen a single season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians knows this to be true: The Kardashian family vacations are always legendary. They're always to super exotic places, they always look like so much fun, and more often than not, they create a family music video together. This time, the fam is headed to St. Barth's, a gorgeous island in the Caribbean, but it's not all booze and beaches. Because Kylie brought Tyga along to the family vacay, and Kendall isnot happy.

Although they used to be super close, Kendall mentions she's noticed Kylie hardly wants to spend any time with her lately, and it's hard to find free time in the first place, since their schedules are both so crazy. So an all girls' trip to St. Barth's sounds like the ideal opportunity to bond, right? It did 'til Kylie decided to fly her BF out to meet her, anyway.

OK, listen: Kylie and Tyga are super adorable together, but is a trip with your mom and sisters the best time to bring your boyfriend along? Kanye, Kris' beau Corey Gamble, and Khloe's boyfriend, James Harden, all stayed home. And on top of that, poor Kendall's feelings were really hurt, which sucks.

"I was really looking forward to being with Kylie on this trip — not that I don't love Tyga, but having him around kind of takes Kylie away from me," Kendall said. "I don't think spending time with me is very important to her." If that doesn't make you want to give her a hug, I don't know what will!

Between Kris fighting with basically all of her daughters and the whole Tyga thing, this might be one of their most dramatic getaways ever. The drama's definitely not worth spoiling the gorgeous view for, though. This place looks amazing!

Image: Giphy