Kim Kardashian Wears Bikini In St. Barts, Takes Her Maternity Fashion To The Next Level

When it comes to having a body positive pregnancy, there’s one lady who’s been doing it just right. Kim Kardashian wore a bikini in St. Barts, continuing the whole hardcore body acceptance thing she’s been showcasing since announcing she was pregnant with her second child. By the looks of it, these are going to be the most fabulous nine months, ladies and gentlemen, because I can’t get enough of her showing off that bod.

Kardashian's tanned skin couldn’t have looked better against the bronze colored string bikini. She was frolicking on the beach with her momager, Kris Jenner, who also wore a bikini, because loving your own skin obviously runs in the family. Of course, a trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without a few selfies, but the paparazzi also got some snaps that show off just how gorgeous that bathing suit is.

With all of the form-fitting and sheer clothing she’s worn, she’s definitely not afraid to show off her ever-changing body, and no matter what you think about her, you’ve got to admit that’s a pretty powerful move. I’m appreciating every second of it. May these remaining months pass by slowly because I want to take the time to enjoy every second of Kim K’s maternity style! This bikini might be tiny, but the color is breathtakingly fab.

A little selfie on the beach? She doesn't mind if she does.

She is working those "pregnancy lips."

The perks of pregnancy.

Look at her owning her body!

So gorgeous.

Confidence always looks good, though, you know?