Can You See Jordan Smith In Concert? 'The Voice' Season 9 Winner Is A Great Live Singer

After a season of intense competition and even better music, The Voice Season 9 declared Kentucky native Jordan Smith as the winner. Fans know the 22-year-old college student is a heck of a performer, but you may also be wondering how you can see The Voice 's Jordan Smith in concert, now that Season 9 is over and done with on NBC. Smith has been performing here and there since taking home The Voice trophy, but there's no word on any official concert dates have being set just yet.

It's no surprise fans want more of Smith already. The Lee University student dethroned iTunes No. 1 song "Hello" by Adele (yes, you read that correctly) with his own No. 1 cover of "Somebody to Love" by Queen. And, Smith is already thinking big. "The show is nothing compared to what's next," Smith said during a press conference after the finale. "I'm ready to start writing music and putting music out there and working hard to make this happen for myself and make a place for myself in the industry."

And, already Smith has made some unforgettable appearances singing outside of The Voice. Check these out to tide you over during your Jordan withdrawals.

1. The Sunny Side Up Show On Sprout

Smith made a cute appearance on the pre-school network on Dec. 18, singing Christmas songs with Emily and a squeaky bird puppet named Chica. It's too adorable to miss.

2. Billboard's Facebook

Smith stopped by Billboard's offices after winning The Voice— no big deal — and sung several songs live for their Facebook page. Listen for "Somebody to Love," and Beyonce's "Halo."

3. House of Blues

Smith once again belts out "Halo" in this performance video posted November 2015.

4. Lee University Singers

Before The Voice, Smith was just a regular college student in Cleveland, Tennessee, and singing "Jingle Bells" with this student group in a video posted in 2014.

5. Rock Point Church

In this video posted September 2015, Smith sings the Pink song "Just Give Me a Reason" with a woman named Janie. His part begins at the 1:16 mark of the video.

6. Poetry Out Loud

So, Smith doesn't sing in this 2012 video, but he recites poems dramatically and beautifully in this high school competition. He shows his talent goes well beyond singing, which is why we all want him to tour ASAP!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC