Is Ariana Grande's Christmas Album On Spotify? Her Surprise Gift Just Keeps On Giving — LISTEN

Brothers and sisters of the Ariana Grande Fan Club, the time is upon us. As your president and only due-paying member (come on guys, I sent you my Paypal information months ago), I am proud to present to you our princess's latest album, Christmas and Chill. Grande dropped a surprise Christmas album on December 16 and, three cheers Fan Club members, it's amazing. But is all of the holiday amazingness that is Grande's Christmas album available on Spotify? Luckily for all of us, the answer is yes — especially those of us too broke to grab the EP off iTunes. With six original Christmas-themed songs that have an interesting feel, it's hard not to like.

After an incredibly busy year featuring a guest spot on Scream Queens, the Honeymoon Tour, and the debut of the single "Focus" from her future album Moonlight, it's hard to believe even someone as young and peppy as Ariana Grande could spit out a Christmas album. But Grande and her team worked around the clock for one week to create the original content. She had the following to say of the process: "'Twas a long, productive slumber party," We can only assume and hope that everyone was wearing holiday-themed onesies and drinking hot cocoa the entire time.

Her previous Christmas content was great, and there were some really nice covers. But all of these new songs are refreshing, not to mention the romantic lyrics perfect for a Christmas alone with your significant other. Or, in my case, a Christmas alone with some really solid baked goods left by my roommate. But I'm not the only one who's ecstatic about the EP. There's the rest of the fan club, and the wonderful world of Twitter.

So, as you hang your stockings by the chimney with care, whip out that laptop and be sure to have Christmas and Chill on loop. Grande's sultry voice is about to make your Christmas a whole lot better.