Drunk People Decorate Christmas Trees & Discover The True Reason For The Season — VIDEO

You're probably planning on doing many things drunk this holiday season: catching up with relatives, opening gifts, eating, watching your favorite movies, cooking — or, uh, maybe not that last one. Yet, there's likely something you've overlooked as a prime Christmas activity: drunk Christmas tree decorating! (It's not as dangerous as cooking or embarrassing as wrapping gifts.)

And if you were curious as to how you would look while decorating said tree whilst drunk out of your mind, the poets and prophets over at BuzzFeed got their staff drunk and filmed them doing it for you. (Bless them, always.) Please delight in the sheer agony and ecstasy that is trying to pull lights through branches, work with garland in any capacity, get ornaments secured so they don't fall off, and um, decorating your coworkers as trees while all wearing holiday footsie pajamas.

May it be your inspiration to create a holiday spectacle all your own. After all, what are the grown-up holidays without the potential of reigniting all your childhood wonder via kid pajamas and tons of liquor?

Is the tree a top or a bottom?

It's an occasion to be proud of yourself.

When in doubt, decorate your coworker instead.

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Images: YouTube