15 Sex Resolutions For 2016

As New Year's approaches, it's impossible to avoid the requisite talk of resolutions. A lot of folks are fixated on "fixing" themselves, whether it be exercising more, quitting smoking, cutting down on drinking, or vowing to make healthier dietary choices, but a a sex resolution or two (or three or four) might be just as beneficial. Not only does your sex life impact your overall mental and physical health, it can also be a source of great frustration — so what's the harm in adding some positive below-the-belt intentions for 2016 while you're making your list?

One 2013 study cited in Forbes suggests that a mere 8 percent of people successfully fulfill their New Year's resolutions, but this is often because the goals we set are too ambitious. Although the kind of resolutions most make aren't sexual, this advice can stilly apply. If you want to up your sex game or experience heightened pleasure in the coming year, it's more likely you'll achieve smaller, more specific goals like "masturbate with your favorite vibrator once a week" than, say, if you generically set out to "f*ck like a porn star" all year long. (What does that even mean, anyways?)

Here are the sexual resolutions of 15 real people inspired to improve their sex lives in 2016:

1. Lacy, 27

"Get better at asking for what I want. And learn how to use a whip."

2. Roger, 31

"Make more time for more of it."

3. Amy, 36


4. Wayne, 42

"Buy more lube...I never have enough and it runs out so fast...maybe one of those gallon pumps! (Kinda not kidding)."

5. Daria, 30

"I will not be the first to give oral. No pussy eating, no cock sucking. #feministf*cking."

6. Rachel, 24

"Have more sex. Period."

7. Jade, 28

"Stop slut-shaming myself."

8. Christie, 29

"Carve out more time to make it longer and better, and not just something to 'bang out' when we wake up."

9. Tom, 37

"More acrobatics and strength positions."

10. Jordan, 34

"To be more discriminating in public, but less discriminating in private."

11. Elizabeth, 25

"To find love first."

12. Susan, 30

"More morning sex."

13. Brianna, 26

"Try new positions for once, no missionary allowed!"

14. Tori, 24

"Buy at least two new toys this year."

15. Sarah

"Don't only rely on others to give me sexual pleasure. I'm perfectly capable providing it for myself!"

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