21 Plus Size 'Star Wars' Fashion Items Because Fatshionistas Love R2D2 Too — PHOTOS

Almost every store you're likely to walk into right now will be half filled with holiday sweaters and half filled with Star Wars merchandise, but plus size Star Wars fashion is largely reserved for the World Wide Web. In years part, it's always been tremendously annoying when all the nerdy clothes produced after mega blockbusters haven't been available in plus sizes. (Although a lot of us have gotten used to that by now, I'm sure.) You'll still be hard-pressed to find Star Wars clothes in extended sizes in store, but why should straight sizers have all the fun? After trawling through the dark depths of the Internet, I discovered that there are actually a hell of a lot of awesome Star Wars items for fatshionistas available online.

The great thing about these items is simply the vast range of Star Wars merch that's actually out there for the fashionable fat person (and for all different styles too). From vintage tea dress cuts to comfy hoodies to underwear for when you need to keep your Star Wars love close to your heart (or your crotch), the Internet is not disappointing. Meaning that your personal style won't have to clash with your rediscovered love of the Star Wars franchise.

And with more movies in the works, you don't have to worry about these clothes going out of style. In fact, they're an investment. With these 21 items, you'll have something totally awesome to wear to the midnight screening of the next film.

1. Boyfriend T-Shirt

Star Wars Boyfriend Tee, $36, Asos

This classic tee is oversized just the right amount, so you can be cool and comfy. I love the old school cartoon style print that isn't forgetting where Star Wars came from, no matter how much CGI went into the prequels.

2. Tatooine Sunset Maxi Dress

Tatooine Sunset Maxi Dress, $40, Think Geek

This chic dress is a subtle way to incorporate Star Wars into your wardrobe with style. The colors are just beautiful.

3. R2D2 A-Line Dress

R2D2 A-Line Dress, $45, Her Universe

This cute little dress would be great for a costume party when you just can't be bothered to do much else.

4. Stormtrooper Sweater

Startrooper Sweater, $55, Torrid

This cozy sweater will keep you warm while promoting your Star Wars obsession, which is perfect for when winter actually arrives.

5. Underwear Set

Star Wars Set, $72, Etsy

As this set is made to order — you leave your measurements at checkout — you can get it designed to fit your body perfectly. It's a great buy if your partner is also a total Star Wars nerd.

6. Darth Vader Sleep Pants

Darth Vader Sleep Pants, $39, Torrid

TBH, I'm not the type to wear my fandom on my sleeve, so these super cute lounge pants would be perfect for expressing my Star Wars love behind closed doors.

7. Glow In The Dark Lightsabers Sleep Shirt

Glowing Sabers Sleep Shirt, $25, Think Geek

Even as a 22-year-old, I'm still hella impressed by anything glow in the dark. This would be the perfect accompaniment to the sleep pants above.

8. Lightsaber Logo Tee

Lightsaber Logo Tee, $25, Her Universe

The classic logo tee: What more could you want? It's a classic for a reason.

9. The Panties

Star Wars Hipster Panty, $17, Torrid

This one's a cheaper option on the panties front, and who doesn't love having writing across their ass, right?

10. Halter Dress

Star Wars Halter Dress, $130, Etsy

How gorgeous is this vintage style dress? I love any women's clothing with pockets, so that's definitely a highlight here.

11. Princess Leia Dress

Princess Leia Dress, $55, Hot Topic

This simple dress could easily pass as a non-Star Wars item, but that makes the thrill of having someone recognize it just that little bit better.

12. Galaxy Chiffon Tee

Galaxy Chiffon Tee, $35, Her Universe

The colors in this tee are what really sell it to me: Pink combined with Star Wars, what more could a gal need?

13. Boba Fett One-Piece Swimsuit

Boba Fett Swimsuit, $40, Etsy

This Boba Fett swimsuit goes up to a size 3XL and will let you take your Star Wars obsession straight from the land and into the sea. I think it'd even look cute paired with a plain skater skirt as a bodysuit. The arty print is definitely the good kind of different.

14. The Garter

Star Wars Garter, $28, Etsy

If your partner is as big a Star Wars fan as you, this sexy number will go down like a treat. Or you can just hoard them in preparation for your Star Wars-themed wedding, duh.

15. Darth Vader Leggings

Darth Vader Leggings, $39, Torrid

Show your allegiance to the dark side with these Darth Vader print leggings.

16. The Skirt

Star Wars Skirt, $50, Etsy

How gorgeous is this vintage style? OK, I might be a little bit biased, but $50 for a homemade, unique Star Wars skirt doesn't even feel like that much money when it's this beautiful.

17. Logo Leggings

Star Wars Logo Leggings, $30, Her Universe

This logo is such an iconic image. So why not plaster it all over your lower half?

18. Ewok Hooded Tank Top

Ewok Hooded Top, $35, Think Geek

Those ears! Anything with ears, even outside of the Star Wars universe, is a win in my book.

19. Darth Vader Cape Dress

Darth Vader Cape Dress, $48, Hot Topic

I'm so into this, it's unreal. Even without the cute little Darth Vader motif, I'd still get it.

20. Lightsaber Skirt

Lightsaber Skirt, $75, Her Universe

This '50s style skirt is a neon wonder. It takes one of the most iconic items from the Star Wars universe and incorporates it into a gorgeous pattern.

21. A Crop Cami

Star Wars Crop Cami, $27, Torrid

What's a plus size fashion round-up without a crop top? I would totally rock this to the gym over my sports bra just to keep me motivated.

So basically no matter what your style, plus size Star Wars merch can definitely be found to suit your tastes. Meaning you don't have to abandon your fandom for sartorial reasons. Just combine the two!

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