Adele Loves Beyonce Almost As Much As She Loves Her Son, So Yeah, She Reallllly Loves Queen Bey

Adele continues to prove she's just like us "normal" folk and everyone in the world who is in love with a particular singer from Destiny's Child. During an interview with TIME magazine, Adele confessed her love for Beyoncé. Actually, the 25 singer adores the "Drunk in Love" pop star so much that she comes a close second to Adele's son, Angelo. So, if you've been believing those rumors that Adele turned down a duet with Beyoncé, well stop it right now, because that couldn't be further from the truth.

Adele told TIME, "Whoever started that rumor must have been having a laugh because anyone who knows me knows that my main priority in life outside of my child is Beyoncé." Where does that put her man Simon Konecki? I'm sure he's right up there with their son, but does it come as any surprise that Adele worships Queen Bey?

This isn't the first time Adele has gushed about Beyoncé. In November, she chatted with Zane Low during the Beats 1 radio show about that duet rumor previously mentioned and denied it and also took a chance to praise Bey. "There’s a rumor going round that I turned Beyoncé down which I would never be so disrespectful as to do." She continued, "I’d never disrespect her like that. Obviously, like, Queen Bey 'til the day I die."

With that cleared up and the fact that Adele can't get enough of Beyoncé, here's hoping they collaborate soon. Adele told TIME that just because there aren't any duets on 25, there might be some in the near future, which could possibly mean with Beyoncé.

I really wanted to do a duet on this album. I spoke to someone about it who I wanted to do it with, and we got on like a house on fire, and then we just couldn’t logistically really get it to work. I can’t say who it is because I want to do it in the future. That’s the only reason. It wasn’t Beyoncé!

Well, just because it wasn't Beyoncé that doesn't mean the two won't ever record in the future. Hello, Beyoncé? Make this happen, not just for your fans, but also for Adele.

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