What Did The 'Veronica Mars' Stars Do In 2015?

Thank goodness for Veronica Mars — the beloved series that put teenage girls in strong and positive roles. Veronica has some serious trust issues, but, other than that, she's an amazing role model for girls and boys alike. Thanks to Veronica, young ladies learned how to talk back to bullies, and that, if you act sweet enough, people are way more likely to do everything you ask them to. Thanks to Veronica's friends, Wallace and Mac, viewers learned just how important it is to have people in your life that always have your back — whether "having your back" means cutting you down from a flag pole or hacking into a system to help you solve a case. You know, normal teen stuff. Anyway, just as much as I loved the characters, I also loved the actors who made those characters came to life. Unfortunately, except for Kristen Bell, I haven't seen much of these phenomenal Veronica Mars actors in 2015.

After the cliffhanger ending to the last episode of Veronica Mars, many Marshmallows were left wondering where their favorite crime-fighting actors went off to. Do they miss us as much as we miss them? I like to think they do. The following is a little background on where all your favorite Veronica Mars actors are now. I know it's hard to hear about, because where they are now is not acting on Veronica Mars, but hey, you can't win them all, ya know?

1. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)

When Kristen Bell isn't having a meltdown on The Ellen Show due to her intense love of sloths or voice acting as Ana from Frozen, she is enjoying life with her two daughters Lincoln and Delta. Professionally, after the Veronica Mars movie, Bell continued acting, but now gets to play older characters like her roles in Bad Mom s and The Boss, as opposed to the years she spent playing characters who were 10 years younger than her actual age.

2. Teddy Dunn (Duncan Kane)

After Duncan made his great escape on Veronica Mars, we haven't seen much of Teddy Dunn, who didn't return for the movie. The last time he was spotted in a film was Jumper in 2008. However, according to Robb Thomas, Dunn is living the life and was simply too happy chilling on a beach in Australia to return to Neptune.

3. Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)

Swoon. Sigh. Gasp. Logan Echolls will always and forever get my heart a-pounding with his sly little grin. After the movie, Dohring signed up to work on two more of them: Cleveland and Destined. He also spent 2015 acting on The Originals as Will Kinney. Dohring is also a Scientologist, to which he attributes his continuing success in Hollywood in an interview with Portrait Magazine.

4. Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel)

In Veronica Mars, Percy Daggs III played the greatest sidekick a girl detective could ever hope for. Since the movie, he has had acting roles sporadically, including appearing in the spin-off series, Play It Again, Dick. Now, he's teamed up with Rob Thomas again for iZombie, where he played Sean Thomas, a wealthy genius who is having some custody battle issues that are seemingly solved by the death of the baby daddy.

5. Francis Capra (Weevil)

Like many of his co-stars, Francis Capra carried on after Veronica Mars with quite a few minor roles on television shows — but no projects that have come out in 2015. However, he has a production company called Take Off Productions, which he runs with fellow actor De'aundre Bonds, so hopefully something will come from that soon.

6. Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars)

Some actors just look they should be playing cops, and Enrico Colantoni is one of those guys. After the movie, Enrico joined Percy Daggs III in the Veronica Mars spin-off Play it Again, Dick. He is also involved with the Tema Conter Memorial Trust, an organization that helps first responders with post traumatic stress disorder. However, to me, he will always be Mathesar from Galaxy Quest.

7. Tina Majorino (Mac)

Since the movie, Majorino has been getting all sorts of television gigs, including a recurring role on Bones as Special Agent Genny Shaw. She's also in a band with her older brother, Kevin, called The AM Project, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

I'm happy to hear that the cast are all doing so well, but I wouldn't say no to an entire new series of Veronica Mars with all of them back in it. Dear Hollywood Producers, it's me, Jordana. Can you hear me? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? I have a bunch of others. Give me a call.

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