11 Times 'Veronica Mars' Cast Showed Their Love

As someone who found herself in a daze after the end of many a community theatre production, I like to think that I understand what actors go through when their shows end — especially when those casts really loved working together and do anything to keep hanging out and making stuff. On that note: Have you ever noticed how the Veronica Mars cast are still best friends? The teen film noir series may have ended in 2007, but someone forgot to tell its stars. They're so in love, they made a feature film and a web series together.

Honestly, I was late to discover Veronica Mars, not sitting down to truly appreciate it in all of its glory until a few years ago, when the movie was already in production. The closeness of this cast is one of the biggest reasons I finally buckled down, checked it out, and became an instant fan. There are only so many times you can watch television with your friends and hear "oh my God, they were on Veronica Mars" without getting curious as to what the big deal is. Watching silly clips like the ones below and seeing that these actors genuinely enjoy working together made me realize that Veronica Mars was something special long before I first set eyes on Neptune and its kooky, brooding residents.

I have my fingers crossed for a Veronica Mars movie sequel, but in the meantime, here's a brief history of the cast's epic love affair over the last eight years. (Be sure to queue up The Dandy Warhol's "We Used To Be Friends" for added effect.)

1. The FBI Short

This was a proposed Season 4 trailer from creator Rob Thomas that put Veronica in the FBI. The story was scrapped for the movie and subsequent novels. What's missing? Most of the cast! While there are promising new characters, the family, cohorts, and boyfriends of Veronica Mars are nowhere to be found.

2. The One That Got Away

Wait — I actually do remember this! Krysten Ritter (aka Gia Goodman) and Ryan Hansen (aka Dick Casablancas) both guest-starred in an episode of Gossip Girl that was supposed to launch a spinoff set in the 1980s. What makes this extra-special? The "voice" of Gossip Girl herself, Kristen Bell!

3. The Party Down Reunions

Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars, was one of the creators of Party Down and got his former friends to tag along. Not only were Hansen and Ken Marino stars of the cult comedy show about a California catering company, but both Bell and Jason Dohring made guest appearances. Bell's role as a rival caterer mirrored the Mars/Van Lowe rivalry on Veronica Mars.

4. The Kickstarter Video

When it was first announced that Veronica Mars would be raising fan money and interest for a feature film, this little clip hit the ground running and really gave us a taste for what we were about to see. That camaraderie makes it pretty clear that these guys hang out all the time, doesn't it?

5. The PaleyFest Reunion

Shortly before the movie, the cast reunited for a panel at the Paley Center For Media. Just bask in the love (and LoVe).

6. The Movie Updates

There were so many of these as the movie went into production, and each just proved how much each cast member loved their character, the show, and each other. This one is my favorite because... dancing.

7. The Goofing Off

Mac and Wallace, behind the scenes!

8. The Funny Or Die Short

In which they spoof the reality of making a movie with Kickstarter.

9. The "Spinoff" Web Series

Check out Play It Again, Dick in all its mockumentary goodness. There really is no doubt that the Veronica Mars cast is as in love with this show as we are.

10. The... Just Stop It Already!

We get it. You love each other. You never go out of style, etc.

11. The Future

Yes! Rob Thomas' new show on The CW, iZombie, will feature Wallace himself, Percy Daggs III.

Here's to many more Veronica Mars reunions down the road. We marshmallows love you right back.