Here's Mike Halbach After 'Making A Murderer'

The Halbach family had to live through a lot of tragedy in 2005. Not only was Teresa Halbach murdered, but her death was the center of a town spectacle when Steven Avery was arrested for her death. Throughout the Making a Murderer Netflix series, which documents the 2005 investigation, trial, and conviction of Steven Avery, we saw Mike Halbach, Teresa Halbach's brother, became the spokesperson for the Halbach family during the difficult time. But where is Mike Halbach now that the 10-part documentary series has aired?

Let's back up: Teresa Halbach was tragically killed in late 2005. The same year, Mike Halbach graduated from college — the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay — with a degree in communication processes. In 2004, according to his current LinkedIn profile and current job profile, he was a video intern for the Green Bay Packers before joining on with the company as a full-time employee in 2005.

According to his work profile on the Green Bay Packers' site, Halbach worked as a video assistant from 2005 to 2014, when he then became manager of football technology (and even more recently director of football technology) for the team. If you don't know what football technology is, then hi, same here. According to his employee bio, Halbach "oversees the development and administration of football information systems and guides technical decisions that impact football operations." So, the tl:dr of that is: I think he does tech stuff for a football team.

His biography also updates people on his personal life. The now 32-year-old is married to his wife Stephanie and the couple has three sons together, ages five, three, and an infant.

Although the Halbach family did not participate in Making a Murderer — can you blame them for not wanting to live through that again? — filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi spoke with Vulture on the Halbach family's involvement in the documentary. Ricciardi told Vulture:

We invited the Halbach family to participate in the film, and we had coffee with Mike Halbach, the official spokesperson for the family, to discuss the idea, but they decided not to participate. So we filmed Mike at all the press conferences that he held, but that was the extent of our interaction with him.

It will be interesting to see if Halbach, or any of his family members, decides to speak out publicly about the documentary and share their thoughts. But whatever they choose to do, I hope the public can respect their privacy in what has to be a difficult time with this tragic event resurfacing in their lives.

Images: Netflix (2)