These 7 Hilarious President Obama Jokes Prove He'll Absolutely Crush It On Jerry Seinfeld's Show

On Monday, the White House announced that President Obama will appear on Jerry Seinfeld's show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in an episode to be released Dec. 30. The show — which is exactly what its title implies — is now on its seventh season, and while Obama isn't a comedian by trade, it makes sense that Seinfeld would tap him for the show: Obama's funniest moments in office make it obvious that he has excellent comedic timing, especially for a politician.

As Ted Cruz has made clear on numerous occasions, elected officials aren't known for their comedic chops. Nevertheless, every president is occasionally forced into situations where they have to try and be funny. The White House Correspondents' Dinner is the most obvious example of this, but presidents are also expected to crack jokes when appearing on late night shows, raising money at campaign rallies, speaking at the annual Al Smith dinner, and so on.

Different presidents' ability to bring the funny at these sorts of events range wildly, but through his seven years in office, Obama has demonstrated a genuine knack for comedy, and he's certainly one of the funnier commander-in-chiefs in recent memory. Let's take a look at some of his best.

The State Of The Union

Michael McIntee on YouTube

During his 2015 State of the Union address, Obama remarked that he wouldn't be running any more campaigns. This elicited cheers from the room of lawmakers, but the president was prepared with a comeback.

Between Two Ferns

Obama's shining moment as a comedian came in 2013, when he appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis to promote the Affordable Care Act. The result was a genuinely hilarious piece of pseudo-propaganda.

Debating Mitt Romney

DNCClips on YouTube

In a 2012 debate, Mitt Romney mentioned that the U.S. Navy currently had fewer ships than in 1916, implicitly blaming the president for this. Obama's response was one of the most flippant of his presidency, and also one of the funniest moments in the debate.

White House Correspondents' Dinner, Part 1

The Daily Conversation on YouTube

Before Donald Trump was an actual presidential candidate, he raised eyebrows in 2011 for questioning President Obama's country of birth. Obama eventually released his long-form birth certificate, and then made fun of Trump mercilessly to his face at the White House Correspondents Dinner. You can practically see the veins popping from Trump's head.

White House Correspondents' Dinner, Part 2

Wall Street Journal on YouTube

In his speech at the 2014 White House Correspondent's Dinner, Obama made what was, in my opinion, the funniest joke of his presidency. I don't even want to set it up, because I don't want to spoil it, but I can say that you won't regret watching.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

There isn't one particular joke that stands out here, but Obama's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live displayed how comfortable Obama is with casual comedic banter. He had no problem keeping up with Kimmel, and at some points, he outshone his host.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning

This video, in which Obama "pardons" a Turkey with his daughters ahead of Thanksgiving, is more just sweet than it is funny. Unless, that is, you enjoy puns and dad jokes as much as I do, in which case it's uproarious.