The Funniest Political Mashups Of The Year

Despite the fact that it's not even an election year, 2015 has been a wild, bizarre year in politics. High-profile developments in the political world this year have been depressing (the unstoppable rise of Donald Trump), encouraging (the successful signing of the Paris climate accords), unexpected (Paul Ryan becoming speaker of the House), and, at times, delightful (the White House's Star Wars-themed press conference). All of this has been ripe for satire, and the best political mash-up videos of 2015 prove that it was quite a year indeed.

There are a lot of bad things about the Internet. One good thing, though, is that it allows every strange, silly, or notable moment in the news to be captured instantly and remixed to comic effect before being sent back out into the world. The rise of political mashups over the last couple of years has been more than just a constant source of comedy. At their best, political mashups point succinctly highlight some elusive truth about a politician or news story that would be difficult to articulate otherwise.

But usually, they're simply a comedic break from the often overwhelming experience of watching the circus that is American politics. If you need a rest from the seriousness, check out some of the best political mashups of 2015.

Note: For the videos that are Vines, make sure to click the volume button in the lower-right corner to enable sound!

Bern Your Enthusiasm

The similarities between Bernie Sanders and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David have been well-documented. This mashup, based on footage of Black Lives Matter protesters interrupting a Sanders rally, is probably the best possible way to drive home that comparison.

Dirt Off Hillary's Shoulders

This clip centers on a moment during Hillary Clinton's testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. It reflected the general consensus that Clinton aced the testimony.

Jeb Smoked Weed

During one of the Republican presidential debates, Jeb Bush admitted to having smoked marijuana in his youth. This mashup illustrates that, despite this, Bush is still about as square as they come.

Trump At The Roxbury

Donald Trump bobs his head a lot during debates. If you've seen Night at the Roxbury, you'll have an idea of what to expect here.

Don Young

As Rep. Peter King talked to reporters, his cantankerous colleague from Alaska, Don Young, barreled through impatiently. Someone took the footage and set it to a particularly apt song.

Trump Without A Nose

This video is beyond words, so I'm just going to stop typing right now.

Marijuana Legalization

When Sanders came out for marijuana legalization, his supporters were shocked and pleased — some more so than others.

Been Waiting For 10 Minutes

At the first Democratic presidential debate, candidate Jim Webb spent most of his time complaining about not having enough time to speak. For some mysterious reason, that fit perfectly with country music.

Obama Sings "Hotline Bling"

No list of mashups would be complete without a dubbed version of President Obama singing "Hotline Bling." So, here's a dubbed version of Obama singing "Hotline Bling."

The Santorum Two-Step

Try to get this out of your head after you watch a couple of loops. You will not be able to.

Too Many Cooks

This won't make much sense if you haven't seen Too Many Cooks, Adult Swim's twisted, brilliant parody of '90s sitcoms. CNN set the theme song to footage of various political figures from the year, so you can now more easily imagine the 2016 race as a sitcom, which it often feels like it is.