J. Law Really Didn't Hold Back on 'WWHL'

by Caitlyn Callegari

I am a frequent Watch What Happens Live viewer, being Bravo obsessed and all, and while I've seen some serious OMG moments on the show throughout the years, I don't think any of them compared to Andy Cohen's interview with Jennifer Lawrence on Monday night. Mostly because she's a mega celeb and they're usually well-trained PR machines — or at the very least, are experts at deflecting. Not our beloved J. Law, though. Nothing will get in the way of this girl's candor, and it's always been, and continues to be, what I like most about her.

Not to dull Cohen's shine; the dude is a total pro at getting celebrities to admit to things they'd normally storm out of an interview over. And he gets them to not only answer, but to do it in a way that seems like they're just gossiping with an overly interested friend. And thank the good lord for that otherwise we may have never gotten to know certain incredibly interesting things that J. Law has kept close to the vest. And, as she'll probably come to find in the next few days as the Internet speculates away, she might have wished she kept them there. Heck, even Cohen agreed with a fan who was in awe of her honesty:

Tea wasn't just spilled, friend. It was a tea sippin' party.

Here are 11 things that J. Law wasn't afraid to admit on WWHL.

1. She Smoked Pot Before The Academy Awards Once

This is the video on the Internet that I hold most dear.

2. Better Yet, She Smoked Because She Caught Her Brother Doing It

Like brother, like sister, as they always say.

3. She Kissed Liam Hemsworth Off-Screen


All of my dreams.

4. She Personally Picked Gale Over Peeta

Cheekily, of course, considering the whole kissing Hemsworth admission. But, I mean... yeah.

5. She Definitely Wouldn't "Tap" Bieber

A "hard no," from J. Law on the Bieber romance front. Not going to lie, watching her deny Biebs gives me much satisfaction.

6. What She Talked About With Adele & Emma Stone When They Hung Out

Sure, "Everything but work," wasn't exactly Earth shattering news, but still.

7. And Who Paid For The Dinner Between The Well-Off Trio

Adele (probably) pays for Lawrence's dinner, but I can't even get a concert ticket that I'm willing to pay for. Sheesh.

8. Which Housewives She Prefers Over Others

You can check out all of her choices here. To name a few, she chose Bethenny Frankel, Countess LuAnn, and Ramona Singer. Eh, maybe she's just partial to Real Housewives of New York.

9. That Chris Pratt Has A "Great" Body

Fast forward to 5:55. *Sighs dreamily*

10. But That She Also Loves Dad Bods


11. Most Importantly, That Bradley Cooper Is A "Fantastic" Kisser

Welp .

J. Law and Watch What Happens Live are truly a match made in gossip heaven.

Images: WWHL Clubhouse!/YouTube; Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images; Giphy (5)