Kim Kardashian's Inspiration For Kimoji Comes From One Specific Place — PHOTOS

Kim Kardashian West launched an emoji app yesterday, and you should download it immediately. The Kimoji app features makeup and beauty looks galore, making it clear that she was inspired by her love of contouring and blowouts. Even though I'm not Kardashian-crazed, I am pretty stoked to suddenly have so many ways to express my texting emotions through lipstick shades. I'm willing to bet that after you scroll through the options below, you'll be hitting download, too.

Remember when Kim K.'s booty broke the internet with Paper magazine? Well, she's done it again. According to, the Kimoji app ended up causing the Apple store some serious download issues due its popularity. Kardashian-West ended up posting several tweets apologizing for the craziness, but come on, how sorry can she be when something that awesome is happening for her? Considering the fact she's been working on this keyboard launch for nearly two years (you can learn about her journey making the kimojis on her blog!), I think it's totally great that the response has been so epic. You go, girl!

If you want the emoji keyboard for yourself, you'll need iOS 8.0 or later, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Oh, and, of course, it ain't free. The app will cost you $1.99 to download.

Scroll on to swoon over all the makeup and beauty Kimojis you need in your life, stat.

1. Contour Queen

For when you need to explain why you're running late.

2. Gels On Point

And how about that bling?

3. Mood Nails

For those darker days.

4. Plum Pout

This emoji be like "I'm going outtttttt tonight!"

5. Vampy Red Lips

When you're feeling classic.

6. Bright Red Lips

In a firecracker mood? This is all you need.

7. Pink Kiss

Cozy glam on fleek.

8. Peach Pop

Why send the peach emoji when you can send this sexy lip shade?

9. Nude Bliss

For days when you're feeling all kinds of #IWokeUpLikeThis

10. Roller Brush

For when you're having a bad hair day or headed to get a blow out.

11. Makeup Brushes

Basically, your Christmas wish list.

12. Mascara

Use this when someone asks you how glam your night out will be.

13. Brows On Fleek

Need I say more?

14. Tweezers

For when you're in pain.

15. Red Lipstick

Gotta rock that red.

16. Sheer Pink Lipstick

For days when you just need to keep it simple.

17. Deep Red Lipstick

When things are getting vampy and hot.

18. Maroon Lipstick

This screams midnight kisses, am I right?

19. Peach Lipstick

All the happy bright vibes.

20. Perfume

For when you know smell gooooooooooood. (Or need to shower!)

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