This DIY Snow Globe Cocktail Will Make Even The Laziest Host Look Fancy AF — VIDEO

When entertaining guests during the holidays, it's always fun to exercise your creative muscle, in addition to your hospitality bone. Which is exactly why learning how to make a snow globe cocktail is a 2015 holiday hostess essential. Because anyone can mull wine or warm cider. And it's not hard to whip up a Hot toddy or a Irish Coffee. And sure, you can sprinkle but nutmeg or cinnamon or pumpkin spice on anything and call it a holiday drink. But a snow globe cocktail is a work of art (particularly if you're getting super ambitious and want to pair it with with DIY snow globe cake — just saying!).

So this year, impress your loved ones with some decorative creativity. This festive party-stopper will take you five minutes to put together, but will look artful and crafty enough to make your guests think that you spent hours on it. And who doesn't want to feel like someone's spent hours on making decorations to impress them?! You can use these cocktail glass globes as center pieces on the dining table, or just use them to get sloshed immediately, classy person-style. Here's what you'll need to achieve DIY snow globe cocktail success:

A Giant Cocktail Glass

You'll need a glass that's large enough for your to fit your fingers in, so that you can comfortably place the items inside. The bigger the glass, the more space for creativity.

A Few Pieces Of Rosemary

Rosemary will be playing the part of the Christmas winter tree. You'll cut it down to fit in the glass.

Yogurt Raisin Drops And Toothpicks

The yogurt covered raisins will make the perfect snowmen. Carve whatever face you like into the soft candies and put your snowman together with the help of a toothpick.

Icing And Gum Drops

Icing and gum drops will be your glue and foundation here. The icing will help bond the snowman to the candy and the candy to the glass.

Water And A Freezer

The frozen water will lock your scene in so you don't have to worry about it falling apart or wilting.


The carbonation from the seltzer will add a little bit of movement in the glass and add a few decorative bubbles.

Watch the full instructional video here:

Instructables on YouTube

Feel free to switch it up. Personalize your snowmen, enchant your rosemary forest. Just remember to 'gram it before you drink!

Images: YouTube