This Comic Series is All About Introverts

As a true extrovert, I sometimes struggle to understand my more reserved, introverted friends. Why don't you want to chat constantly? Why don't you want to go to this themed party where surely there will be a lot of glitter and dancing and yelling and singing? You want to be alone in your room for how long? Well, for anyone else who is in the same metaphorical boat as I am, the Instagram account and website Introvert Doodles illustrates the life of an introvert — and yes, there do seem to be a lot of books and cats and tea involved. Introverts everywhere, no doubt you will relate immensely to these comics.

Created by artist Marzi, who identifies as both an introvert and as an INFP (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving on the Myers-Briggs Personality Scale), the comics seek to explain the inner life of introverts in just four little squares. It's a tough job, but Marzi is more than up to the task.

There are a number of different definitions for introverts and extroverts, but I've always stuck to general belief that extroverts gain their energy from being around others, while introverts gain their energy from being alone. Marzi's comics, however, are not just an Introversion 101 for extroverts — they serve as a reminder to people who don't fall into the more accepted categories of social behavior that they're OK, too. And there are other people out there like them. And maybe someday, all of you can go read books in cubicles next to one another.

Here are four key things extroverts should know about introverts as illustrated by Introvert Doodles. Head on over to the comic's website or Instagram for more.

1. Introverts (Probably) Don't Hate You

For me, being alone all day is torture. I hate it. I want to chat, I want to goof, and I feel like I'm going crazy if I'm isolated for more than 10 hours. If someone does not want to chat and goof, then I assume they don't like me. It's good to know that that is not (always) the case.

2. Introverts Need Alone Time

They need it. They crave it. They like it. Leave 'em alone.

3. Introverts Sometimes Struggle to Speak Up, So Listen!

I've actually heard anecdotes like this one from a number of introverted friends. If you enjoy spending time alone and get drained from large crowds and a lot of interacting with other humans, then it's understandable that there may be some social anxiety mixed up in there, too.

4. Introverts Don't Need to Be Fixed

This is a big one for me to remember. My mom is a super introvert, and for years I thought, "If only I could do 'X,' then she'd want to host a million parties." And ultimately, I had to realize that being introverted is not a flaw. It's just different from me.

Images: Courtesy of introvertdoodles/Instagram