How Hook Could Return To 'OUAT'

If there's one character on Once Upon a Time that we all want to keep safe and sound, I think the resounding response to that question would be our dreamy Storybrooke pirate, Killian Jones. So you can imagine the terrified outcry that ensued when Hook died in the Once Upon a Time Season 5 fall finale. (My neighbors probably thought I was being attacked my sobbing was so loud.) So obviously the next question on everyone's mind became: will Killian be gone from the show for good? Considering that OUAT Season 5B is heading to the Underworld when it comes back, I think the odds of Hook's return are pretty high. How the show will go about doing so, though, is a completely different matter.

As we all know by now, the Underworld we will be introduced to will look like a decrepit version of Storybrooke and be housing a variety of deceased characters we've long since said goodbye to. Hook will undoubtedly be one of those ghostly inhabitants residing there, but I think it's going to take more than a little bit more than just sweet talking Hades in order to get him out of this rather grim fate. So how will Emma & Co. go about setting our swashbuckling pirate free from death itself? I have a few theories for you to mull over...

A Soul Swap Will Occur

Like I've mentioned before, I have a feeling that in order to get out of the Underworld, your soul (or, in this case, Hook's soul) would have to be replaced with someone else's, thereby making this little exchange a very complicated situation. Would Emma really sacrifice someone else for her own happiness? That doesn't really sound like something she would do, but maybe in the Underworld all bets are off.

Hook Will Become The Dark One Again

There's a big part of me that doubts that the writers would circle back to this storyline so quickly, but considering how much power Rumple now has at his disposal (having harnessed all of the Dark Ones' combine powers), giving Hook those abilities could make him strong enough to escape the Underworld's clutches.

They'll Owe Hades A Favor

I bet Rumple isn't the only one who likes making magical deals. Perhaps Hades will be willing to hand over Hook's soul in exchange for a favor down the line. And you know what they say about dancing with the devil. You'll eventually get burned.

The Heart Sharing Plan Will Work

Right now Emma's plan is to journey down to the Underworld and give Hook half of her heart, much like what Charming and Snow did. For all we know, that plan will end up working for Captain Swan as well — after overcoming a few obstacles along the way, of course.

True Love's Kiss Will Win Out

Then again, there's always the tried and true OUAT standby that true love's kiss can accomplish anything. So hey, you never know! Either way, though, I'm sure these two lovebirds will eventually find their way back to each other. They deserve a happy ending... and so do we.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; ouatdaily/Tumblr (3); Giphy; ask-charming-david/Tumblr