How To Get Selena Gomez's "Hands To My Self" Smoky Eye — VIDEOS

Yesterday everyone's favorite Wizard of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez, released her "Hands To Myself" video in partnership with Apple Music on Monday. The song is one of fourteen off of her newly released album Revival, and the video is steamy as hell.

The video shows Gomez the stalker of a really really fine long-haired blonde actor — portrayed by model/maybe Norse god Christopher Mason — living in Los Angeles. Gomez breaks into the actor's modern mansion and spends one night living in his clothes, bath, cologne, et cetera. It's steamy to say the least. The model then returns, calls the cops after finding an article of her clothing, and arrests her. However, the ending doesn't close with our star crazy person in cuffs and in jail, but with a much happier alternative which I will not spoil for you!

Because there's not much of a wardrobe in this music video, with the exception of the Calvin Klein sports bra and a silk black robe, there's not a fashion tutorial to utilize. However, what makes Gomez's look is her long-banged hair and dirty smoky-eye. I've rounded up a few tutorials and have a few special tips to get that face for several different skintones!

1. Farah Dukai

What's special: The use of MAC eyeshadow colors creates a multi-dimensional smoky eye very close to that of Gomez's Here are the colors that Farah is using:

Mac Concrete Eyeshadow, $21.89, Amazon

Bobbi Brown Smoke Eyeshadow, $24, Bobbi Brown

Mac Typographic Eyeshadow, $14.92, Amazon

Mac Carbon Eyeshadow, $18.89, Amazon

2. Miss Change

What's special: Her highlighter and skin is #flawless, although she opts for a softer look. She's using the No.7 Stay Perfect Concealer!

No7 Stay Perfect Blemish Cover Stick, $9.99, Target

3. Cukletta

What's special: Her falsies and wig are spot on, but so is her lip color! She's using an older color from the L'Oreal Colour Riche family, but try out "Blush."

L'Oreal Colour Riche Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in "Blush", $9.99, L'Oreal

Additionally, if you just want to get a look that's close to Gomez every day, here is the cutest girl ever to help you with that:

When you step out this look, no one will want to keep their hands to themselves!

Image: Hands To Myself Screenshot, Courtesy Brands