Make Lipstick Last All Night With This ONE Simple Hack

The holidays are the perfect time to rock a classic red lip, but it can be intimidating to try. According to Vogue, the key to making red lipstick last all night is about paying attention to the order in which you apply your products. Consider this the science of the long-lasting lip — just in time for the holidays!

Dakota Johnson is all about the red lip, so when her makeup artist, Pati Dubroff shared her lippie secrets, I knew I had to take notes. The actress is always experimenting with dark shades for every occasion, and her lipstick looks absolutely perfect every single time. If you're looking to really make your lipstick last through all the food and drinks you'll be consuming this holiday like Johnson's does, then Dubroff's eight-step tutorial is for you.

According to Dubroff, the first thing to do is exfoliate with a lip scrub. This gets all the dry skin and flakes off your lips and leaves you a smooth base for your second step — moisturizing with a lip balm. The makeup artist then applies lipstick to the center of the lip and blots across the rest of the lip with her finger.

After the base coat is done, you'll want to add a lip liner in the same shade before applying yet another layer of lipstick. Blot with a tissue, and then comes the most important part: instead of applying finishing powder to the whole lip, coat the edges of the lip with the product using a small brush. That's the key to long-lasting lips. Who knew it was so easy?!

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Getting lipstick to last is something that people are constantly trying to master. Here are seven other ways to make the most of your pout — because no one wants to be stuck under the mistletoe with bad makeup.

1. Press Powder

Like Duroff, this blogger suggests that you set your lips with press powder before applying your lipstick. She even goes and eats her lunch to show you the before and after.

2. Use A Brush

Instead of applying the lipstick directly from the tube, this tutorial suggests using a brush instead.

3. Add A Gloss

Use a gloss to set your lipstick before blending it all together to get a long-lasting shine.

4. Layer Your Lipstick

This tutorial uses finishing powder and lipstick not once, but twice to get the look to last for as long as possible.

5. DIY Exfoliant

By creating your own lip exfoliant from all natural products, you can have smooth and creamy lips, which make your color last longer.

6. Don't Forget To Blot

When you blot your lips after each step — moisturizer, lip liner, and lipstick — you create a thin layer that will more easily stick to your lips.

7. More Moisturizer

This tutorial suggests buying the same color moisturizing gloss as your lipstick, that way you can have a second moisturizer in-between your line and main color.

Pretty genius ideas if you ask me!

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