Richard Linklater's New Film Will Give You Feels

by Emily Lackey

It’s hard to capture an entire decade in a single movie. Maybe it’s the time restriction, or the influence of modern day styles, but it generally seems like most films that try come off like some version of the present with different hair and outdated clothing. But, when it comes to cinematic mastermind/director/overall genius Richard Linklater, embodying an entire decade is what he does best. And now, it looks like what he did with Dazed and Confused for the ‘70s, he’s now doing with Everybody Wants Some for the ‘80s. Case-in-point: the trailer for Everybody Wants Some perfectly captures the style and the feel of that iconic decade.

It wasn’t just the hair that was bigger back in the day. As this trailer shows, it was the laughs, the fun, and size of the phones. Linklater includes such specific details from this notorious decade that not a thing seems out of place. Make no mistake about it: This isn’t a contemporary movie trying hard to be ‘80s. The impeccable details in this film make it straight up ‘80s in a way that very few filmmakers have been able to capture before, proving that Richard Linklater is seriously gifted and talented at his craft.

1. Those Ken Doll Haircuts

Take one look at these amazing hairstyles and tell me they remind you of anything other than that doll.

2. The Muscle Tees

And tanks. Because it wasn’t the ‘80s if you weren’t showing off the guns.

3. Men In Short Shorts

I’d like to time travel back to the ‘80s just to gawk. I mean… appreciate this fashion for what it was.

4. The High-Waisted Jeans

They may have come back recently, but they never came back like this.

5. Those Super Cool Wheels

I’m pretty sure I had a pink version of that for my Barbie.

6. All That Lacoste

Because nothing says ‘80s prep better.

7. The Rotary Phones


8. The Music Mashup

The ‘80s were insane when it came to music and this trailer captures that perfectly. You could be dancing to Disco one minute and punk the next. It was a decade in which so many different styles of music were born, and I love that this trailer touches on that.

9. All That Tech-Free Fun

There isn’t a single piece of technology in that movie, except for maybe the record player. It’s all old school fun, when there was nothing better to do than slide down staircases on mattresses and swing from ropes.

There really is nothing like the ‘80s — but Richard Linklater’s version of it definitely comes close.

Images: Fresh Movie Trailers/YouTube (10)