Why 'Full House' Is Totally Timeless

by Michelle Lulic

If you grew up watching Full House then you know this one thing for sure: It will stay with you forever. There's a certain level of nostalgia that surrounds this classic family sitcom. Whether it's the connections you've made with the characters, the episodes you still remember to this day, or the catch phrases that you'll never really shake, Full House defines your adolescence and even the values you hold to this day — whether you realize it or not. In fact, when I think about the role Full House played in my childhood, I'm really not surprised at all over the fact that Netflix is rebooting Full House with the spin-off show Fuller House . It really, truly is a classic.

That's really the one thing that makes Full House so memorable: It's a timeless show. Even before we had a Fuller House to look forward to, re-runs of the original show were always enough. The Tanner family may be bigger than yours and might not be the typical American family set-up that (then again, what family is truly "typical"?), but they have all of the makings of the average family and the bizarre situations that will ensue. So, I'm inviting you to welcome the Tanners into your house again, because, no matter how old you may be, Full House will always be one of the best series around.

1. Teen Problems Are Relevant To Every Generation

Being a teenager is hard. Thank goodness we had D.J. and Stephanie to guide us through the hard times. Who could forget when Stephanie's friends all tried to peer pressure her into smoking? Or D.J.'s high school sweetheart Steve? Being a teenager is just a little easier when the Tanner girls have gone through it all first — no matter when you go through those growing pains.

2. Family Values Are Forever

The best part of Full House has to be the life lessons that make up the end of every episode. Every problem is solved with a good talk, a hug, and that ever-so-famous soundtrack. Honestly, I think I'm going to raise my kids on the values I learned from this show.

3. You'll Always Have To Deal With Neighbors

Unless you straight up live in the middle of nowhere, odds are you'll have to deal with neighbors at one time or another. And, if there's one thing Full House taught us about neighbors, it's that they can be incredibly annoying.

4. Sisters Will Always Fight

Whether your sister is older than you or younger than you, the fights are bound to happen. They can be fights about clothes, boys, or even about inanimate objects. No matter what sisters fight about over the years, it has most likely been covered by a feud between D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle.

5. We All Have That One Crazy Relative

Now, I'm not saying that Uncle Joey is crazy — at least not in a bad way. But his character embodies that one wacky relative that we all know. He's your stereotypical jokester/prankster/relative who never grew up, and that's why we will always love him.

6. Their Catch Phrases Are Super Catchy

Saying things like, "How rude!" or "Cut. It. Out." doesn't only guarantee laughs of nostalgia, but it also inspires generation after generation to call people out on their BS in the greatest way possible: Tanner-style.

7. Neat Freak Parents Will Always Exist

Whether they're constantly vacuuming, dusting everything, or have a ridiculously large closet full of cleaning supplies, odds are you know at least one Danny-type neat freak. And, if that person is your mom or dad... I feel for you. But that is exactly why Full House will always be there. The struggles of keeping the Tanner house clean will help you through the hard times.

8. Uncle Jesse's Hair Never Goes Out Of Style

OK... Let's be real here. Watching Full House reruns today proves to us that Uncle Jesse's hair will always look good. Even if he never changed the style. He will always be swoon-worthy.

9. Wake-Up San Francisco Is The Ideal Morning Show

We can't actually wake-up to Danny and Rebecca every morning, so we'll just have to continue watching Full House forever for this morning show gold, and for all the other timeless part of this show that will always be relevant to our lives.

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