Contour Newbies Try Out The Dramatic Makeup Trick

Contouring is not the easiest makeup technique in the world to master, and it's gotten quite the bad rep with many insisting that it's "clown makeup." While there are varying degrees of contour, the truth is that the look can be for everyone. Cosmopolitan 's Beauty Virgins contouring video shows three editors getting their first ever full-on contour, and they are admittedly skeptical at first. However, while they may have all been reluctant, the end results show that the technique can look great on everyone, and makeup can be a super fun tool for a little pick-me-up.

When most people hear the word contour, images of Kim Kardashian West are conjured up almost immediately. In fact, it's nearly impossible to talk about the technique without naming her as one of the progenitors of the trend. Since then, however, younger sister Kylie has become known for her contour and a plethora of YouTube makeup artists have given great tutorials on how to achieve the look. Because of its popularity and seeming complexity, many do continue to criticize not only the technique but people who choose to embrace it. YouTube star BellaDeLune took that criticism and turned it on its head during her clown contour video that was a viral sensation. What the video proved was that contour is complex, but choosing to rock it shouldn't result in undue criticism.

In the Cosmopolitan Beauty VIrgins video, three editors — Emily, Lauren, and Mylan — meet with makeup artist Jackie to get their full on Kardashian contour on, and understandably, they're all pretty skeptical. Emily explains, "We're going to try it out today, I'm just not going to guarantee I'm going to like it." That sentiment is echoed by all three women until they start seeing the end result.

Lauren is definitely feeling the look after her reveal explaining, "I feel like I want to take selfies. Like, I get it Kylie."

Meanwhile, Mylan explains that, "I kind of feel like I should just go like strut around the block right now."

As for Emily, she says a triumphant, "Tada! I look good, right?"

Basically, these beauty virgins may just be on the contouring band wagon after this video.

But what about the lady who wants to attempt contour but may not be comfortable with the whole process? These lazy girl contour and highlight tutorials will be perfect.

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